three THree THREE!

Chapter 50

Whoohoo! I did three! Why in the world would I be so happy as someone who did 15 a little over a month ago to have completed three miles? I’ve been struggling to do two for the past month due to this hateful ITBS. Love that ace bandage!

Went to the Y after work as I was not going to attempt in no fashion the heat today. Hopped on the treadmill and conquered three miles in 33 minutes. I made sure I warmed up good with a five minute walk, then had to walk about three minutes after a 1.50 due to side stitch. Those foot longs hate me but I love them every once in a great while and today was the day. Anyway, finished by walking one minute every five until I hit that lovely 3.00 on the display.

I so wanted to go for one more, but decided since I was in no pain and this is the first in a while that I was not going to push it. One step at a time. This wasn’t a hard decision as I had already made plans once I jumped off to jump on a bike for 30 more minutes of fast peddling to keep up cardio. This was exactly what I did.

My knee feels a little achey right now but no more so than it used to on my long runs, so I believe tonight was a successful.

Originally posted on The Loop July 21, 2011

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