Four and a Quarter in the Bank

Chapter 51

I’m going to call today successful. But let me start with yesterday’s workout. I believe I have found my culprit!

I decided to wear my Vomero’s yesterday since I was only going to do two miles on the treadmill, plyos and the spin class. The day I did my first 15 miles I wore these shoes. I had just bought them. They felt really good trying them on in the running store. So when I hit magic 15 and developed severe, unable to walk, knee pain I contributed it to the mileage. I still believe this has a lot to do with it.

I’ve worked hard to get to two miles since then, so I wore them again and the knee killed me. Sported my Wave Riders last week when I conquered my first pain free three. So yesterday I wore the Nike’s. By the time I hit 1.25 I was almost in tears and just stopped at 1.50 miles. Very disheartening. So I went on to plyos without any trouble. Then to the spin class. The rest of the day was relatively painless so no harm no foul just a discovery that these are not the shoes for me.

Today I decided to hit the trail and go for four using a 5:1 ratio. I wore my Asics. They did great. I did have some knee pain today and my legs just felt all together heavy from all the plyos yesterday, but ended up with 4.25. I did the first two miles around a 9.45 and the knee progressively began to ache. I slowed way down and actually found a pace it felt comfortable with. I’m going to assume somewhere around an 11. But it let me continue with my 5:1. I thoroughly believe I could have done a couple more, but I’m adding slowly.

I’m hoping I can return the Vomero’s since I’ve only wore them three times. I’m thinking maybe they are just to flat for my arch. But I still feel I am progressing toward staying in the RnR so I’m happy.

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three THree THREE!

Chapter 50

Whoohoo! I did three! Why in the world would I be so happy as someone who did 15 a little over a month ago to have completed three miles? I’ve been struggling to do two for the past month due to this hateful ITBS. Love that ace bandage!

Went to the Y after work as I was not going to attempt in no fashion the heat today. Hopped on the treadmill and conquered three miles in 33 minutes. I made sure I warmed up good with a five minute walk, then had to walk about three minutes after a 1.50 due to side stitch. Those foot longs hate me but I love them every once in a great while and today was the day. Anyway, finished by walking one minute every five until I hit that lovely 3.00 on the display.

I so wanted to go for one more, but decided since I was in no pain and this is the first in a while that I was not going to push it. One step at a time. This wasn’t a hard decision as I had already made plans once I jumped off to jump on a bike for 30 more minutes of fast peddling to keep up cardio. This was exactly what I did.

My knee feels a little achey right now but no more so than it used to on my long runs, so I believe tonight was a successful.

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Walking Through Water

Chapter 49

As usual, spin class last night was great. 90 minutes of it. I like to get there early and get that extra 45 in since my long runs are not in my current future and I have a half coming up Labor Day weekend. I am working my butt off to try and not stand up the RnR. I’m not that kind of lady.

Prior to the class, I headed to the weight room and did the circuit for upper body. I was really hoping after Tuesday nights grilling routine it would help loosen me up. Man was I wrong! It feels today like I am walking in a pool. My legs literally do not want to move. I know the air is thick right now, but it’s not giving that much resistance…

I’m going back out there tonight. No rest for the injured. Here is my mantra right now, “I will run the RnR, I will run the RnR, I will run the RnR!” and a tiny voice slips in, “and PR”.

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Me and My Ace Bandage

Chapter 48

Yesterday I just happened to work from home since I had to pull a split shift and did not get to bed until 2:00am. I do not mind those so much as it means I actually get to see others who roam around my house. Plus since it is summer vacation, I got to spend the whole day, or the same room at least, with my youngest DD.

Since I was home, I got off work around 5:00PM (did not have to drive 1 1/2 hours home!!!!!) and decided to go to the gym. I was not able to do my Tuesday spin class as that is held in VA but went with a list of exercises to help build my legs and core to hopefully get rid of this dern ITBS.

So before I left I wrapped my leg just above my knee tightly with an ace bandage. I immediately felt some relief from the nagging daily pain. Got to the gym and did two miles on the TM without flinching. Took me 23 minutes, but hey, I walked the first five minutes, 1 1/2 minutes half way and two at the end so kept around a 9:13 pace with no heavy breathing. (loving these numbers can you tell )

Hopped off the TM and headed to the free weights. Did a few squats then loaded up a step for plyos. Did a ton of them. I am definitely feeling it today! Hit the leg machines to work my inner and outer thighs then strode over to a 30 minute abs class.

I’m hoping that by working my legs and core three times per week it will greatly improve my running or in better terms help with the ITBS. I also ordered a pro-tec it band strap after reading many many reviews. Hopefully this will also help.

Spin tonight. I think I will need that just to loosen up things. The longer the day goes on, the stiffer I become. Of course having a job where I sit behind a computer all day does not help.

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Short n’ Sweet

Chapter 47

So the whole ‘baby the knee’ thing is really hard. I did three spin classes this week and will probably keep that up. I definitely enjoy them and evidently my body has no objections.

I’m really beginning to worry about this marathon. I know I have five months, but I was hoping to be much further than I am and I feel like I have been thrown back to square one. My weekly base has sunk to less than 10. Dang that is depressing! I want so much to PR in the RnR September.

So I thought I would try to do several smaller runs averaging only around two miles each. Maybe before work, at lunch, again at night. This is my ‘plan’. We’ll see how well I carry this one out with my schedule.

Anyway, I did head out at lunch today. It was about 86 degrees. I have plans to go over to my dad’s house to hang out with one of my close friends, who just happens to be my step mommy, chat by a fire (she is a fire bug!) and drink vino after work. This was a big push for a lunch run.

So I just did it. Felt a little hotter than 86 and the head wind was strong as usual for the hateful trail. But I kept up my pace, whatever it may have been as I did not want my watch. Starting mile two I walked for one minute then finished up the loop.

Total = 1.75 and the best part of all was my knee did not whine one time. It still feels pretty good even though I can feel it. So maybe this will be the best course of action for me right now to try to build my base back up to 30.

I’m not sure how I should handle scheduled long runs as I must admit, I’m a little scared to try and aggravate my knee more. The elliptical did not work. Maybe if I take a 30 sec walk break after each mile that would help. I’ll definitely do something until my running mojo comes back.

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Filling up the Weekend

Chapter 46

I waited to add this until today and just lump it all into one. It was a non productive weekend.

Friday: No workout = Harry Potter!!!

Saturday: Went to Y and did one mile on the TM. Walked first two minutes, ran three minutes at 6.0 then each minute up’d it by one at an 1.0 incline. So finished around 6.8 or 8:50. Felt good but felt knee. Then did some upper body weights and 60 minutes of spin.

Sunday: Wanted to attempt four miles with a run/walk method. Met ‘S’ at trail around 6:30am. she began with me but I told her to go ahead after .75 since I was going to take a walk break. So we started right along and when we reached .75 only six minutes had passed. WOW! We were talking and I was not paying attention to my pace. I truly believe I started out too fast. But kept going.

Walked next .25 then started again, slightly slower. Knee started aching a little so thought i’d change it to run 1/4 walk 1/4. Did this for mile two. Turned around to go back at this point. This is where it went downhill. My knee started hurting so badly I could only run 30 seconds at a time and only attempted it three times on the way back. So basically walked two miles back to starting point.

It gave me grief all day yesterday. I iced, stretched, rolled, elevated…. If I walk fast today it screams. I’m really getting concered about not being able to make even the smallest gain in distance since I have the RnR coming Labor Day weekend. I really wanted to PR and I know if my knee would behave I would.

Today I brought a change of clothes but will just take it easy and do nothing. I have spin the next couple of days.

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Two in the Morn

Chapter 44

I am so happy I can in no way be disappointed in the limited number of miles I ran this morning. I thought yesterday that maybe I’d get in four miles today, which would otherwise be my long day. I arrived at the trail and walked around a little then decided, maybe I’ll set three in my mind and see how it goes. If all seems well, I’ll do the four.

Needless to day, I only did two, but I could not be happier. Why? Let me explain.

I’ve always been around a 10:00 to 9:30 person. I can usually keep that pace up for a couple of hours. I’ve never been able to really do much faster for even a mile or two. So today’s times just shocked and awed me. I went out and said to myself, “self? just let your legs do whatever they want. They will know where they want to be. No pushing!”

Mile one: 8:55 (WHAT? Seriously? – wholly cosmos batman!)

Ran another 100 M and knee started making itself know. At that moment I thought, not going to do it. I’m not going to just keep going for my ego. I’d rather heal than continue. But since I was a mile out, I had to repeat the mile back. So in the same fashion I decided to let my legs do whatever they wanted.

Mile two: 9:27 with a walk break half way. (uhhhhh did I really just do that? is my watch wrong?)

I must note that I was breathing noticably but not too hard. I did not feel like I was ‘working’ but just going with the flow. I could have answered short questions. I never felt like I just had to stop. I went out without a time in mind. Just wanted to run!

So you can see how I would not be at all upset with only getting two miles in. I would love to have done 16, but it will come. And with all of your support over the past few weeks, I am going to make myself take it slow and abide by the great advise given.

I came home and rolled and stretched. I do however believe I may need to give credit for this speedy (at least to me) miles to the spin classes. They must definitely be building up my leg muscles. Who’d thunk it?

I may hit the gym in a few hours and hop on the elliptical and see how that goes just so I can get a substantial amount of time under my belt.

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Dreams of pavement below my feet

Chapter 43

I did my regular saturday morning gym routine accept I lifted a little heavier today. Also got in my 90 minutes of spin. A really good thing happened during the first 30 minutes. The instructor came in and we had a great conversation. We talked about my training and the fact that I am suffering from running injuries. She explained she worked through ITBS also training for a half and how she did it.

Funny thing is, when you talk about running issues, the first question everyone always asks is “Do you have a foam roller?”. Glad I joined the Loop and was introduced to this phenomenom so that I knew it was a “must have”. She also showed me a few band stretches that were shown to her that she said really helped.

She also suggested I work in my ‘long runs’ on the elliptical. This would simulate my running and still allow me to work a couple hours.

Once I got back home this morning I attempted the stretches. Whoa. Have you ever done anything so painful that it made you laugh instead of cry? If so, then you’ll understand the pain when I tell you I was hysterical. But, I believe this will also help me get through this and finally get back to what I love.

I think I’m going to try, again, for a few miles tomorrow morning. I seem to be able to keep a slower pace on the trail than the treadmill. I’m hoping for a semi painless run since even after thursday night my knee regressed but then friday felt much improved.

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Gimpy in NC

Chapter 42

So I probably deserve to be limping again. I swear I meant to attempt three easy miles on the treadmill. It just did not work out quite that way.

I started off well enough. Walked first two minutes, had incline on 1.0 but bumped back down to .5 for safe measure. The remainder of the first ten minutes I warmed up at 6.0 (10mm). Next two minutes dropped to 9:30.

This is where my mind got in the way. Everything was feeling good, minus the feeling of being unable to take a deep breath, but geesh, can only concentrate on one issue at a time……

I decided to do 1:1. Each minute run I got faster and faster. I finished my last minute run at 7:50mm. Then walked last six minutes. Oh the pain set in nice and good during the walk. Didn’t think I would finish out the 30 minutes.

So needless to say, I did it, 2.50 miles in 30 minutes (oh how horrible it is to actually admit that!). I feel it may be another week before I attempt it again. So I’ll stick to the spin classes I guess for now.

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Spin Spin Sugar

Chapter 41

That title may be lost on a few as I believe the group only had the one CD, but it fits nicely 🙂

Attended another spin class last night after work with running buddy. I am definitely not hating on the local town’s YMCA instructors, but this one just was not the same. The GB location did such a great job. We did not take five minute recovery breaks. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure we actually did any ‘recovery’ unless considered as active recovery. It was great! And yes, arrived early and got in my 90 minutes.

My abs were screaming at me the whole time, but pfeff. Those whimpy muscles will continue to be abused now that I am fully aware that they’ve been neglected.

Tonight I think i’m actually going to try to do 3 miles on the treadmil. My knee is still kinda ify, but I will never know unless I just do it. I would be scheduled for 16 miles this weekend, but not so sure that will get done.

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