It’s All About Running

My back story:

I was born running and just did not stop.  There have been periods in my life were it was absent but they never lasted long.  I’ve been into sports since I was six years old so it is kind implied there will be much running involved.  I, unfortunately, never even knew there was a such thing as races until 2009.

By this time I had been diagnosed with a “condition” called insulin resistant PCOS and had not lost much baby weight from daughter number 2.  The doctor put me on Metformin, a diabetic med, which made me feel horrible and the only way to get off of this was to loose some of this stubborn weight.  I took up running again that March, heard about a race that was only 3.1 miles and decided this was a way to keep me true to my med fee life goal and signed up with my sister (who is not a runner but supports my addiction).  The race was in May on a trail.  I was clueless but 20 lbs lighter and meds free.

I had been training on asphalt as the road and treadmill was all I knew.  Running on mud, grass and hills was an eye awakening experience for me.  I completed my first 5k two months after picking up running again in 32 minutes.  Hated the number but shrugged it off and was hooked immediately crossing the finish line.

I’ve since run 7 half marathons, 4 10k, 2 8k, 2 5k and 1 marathon (DISNEY!!)  As you can see, I like the half distance and have brought my 5k time down to 26 minutes.

I’ve suffered many injuries most due to those darn pine combs which like to attack me and roll my ankle.  Always the same one, which is now the mucked up one side lining me for week number 7 now.

I ran the Disney marathon January 2012 with two stress fractures in both knees not finding this out until the day before we boarded the plane.  I just thought I had a severe case of ITBS.  Man was I wrong.  Don’t diagnose yourself folks!  It rarely works out for you.

Once I’m injury free again my goal is to do my first triathlon this year and work on building back up to marathon distance.  Ultimate goal: BQ before my 41st birthday.  We shall see about that one.  Until then, I have to make it through physical therapy and this hard headed, stubborn, injury attracting ankle.

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