Walking Through Water

Chapter 49

As usual, spin class last night was great. 90 minutes of it. I like to get there early and get that extra 45 in since my long runs are not in my current future and I have a half coming up Labor Day weekend. I am working my butt off to try and not stand up the RnR. I’m not that kind of lady.

Prior to the class, I headed to the weight room and did the circuit for upper body. I was really hoping after Tuesday nights grilling routine it would help loosen me up. Man was I wrong! It feels today like I am walking in a pool. My legs literally do not want to move. I know the air is thick right now, but it’s not giving that much resistance…

I’m going back out there tonight. No rest for the injured. Here is my mantra right now, “I will run the RnR, I will run the RnR, I will run the RnR!” and a tiny voice slips in, “and PR”.

Originally posted on The Loop July 21, 2011

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