Four and a Quarter in the Bank

Chapter 51

I’m going to call today successful. But let me start with yesterday’s workout. I believe I have found my culprit!

I decided to wear my Vomero’s yesterday since I was only going to do two miles on the treadmill, plyos and the spin class. The day I did my first 15 miles I wore these shoes. I had just bought them. They felt really good trying them on in the running store. So when I hit magic 15 and developed severe, unable to walk, knee pain I contributed it to the mileage. I still believe this has a lot to do with it.

I’ve worked hard to get to two miles since then, so I wore them again and the knee killed me. Sported my Wave Riders last week when I conquered my first pain free three. So yesterday I wore the Nike’s. By the time I hit 1.25 I was almost in tears and just stopped at 1.50 miles. Very disheartening. So I went on to plyos without any trouble. Then to the spin class. The rest of the day was relatively painless so no harm no foul just a discovery that these are not the shoes for me.

Today I decided to hit the trail and go for four using a 5:1 ratio. I wore my Asics. They did great. I did have some knee pain today and my legs just felt all together heavy from all the plyos yesterday, but ended up with 4.25. I did the first two miles around a 9.45 and the knee progressively began to ache. I slowed way down and actually found a pace it felt comfortable with. I’m going to assume somewhere around an 11. But it let me continue with my 5:1. I thoroughly believe I could have done a couple more, but I’m adding slowly.

I’m hoping I can return the Vomero’s since I’ve only wore them three times. I’m thinking maybe they are just to flat for my arch. But I still feel I am progressing toward staying in the RnR so I’m happy.

Originally posted on The Loop July 24, 2011

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