Lovin The Push

Chapter 34

I was soooo glad it rained a little yesterday. This meant by time I got off work at 6:00 PM it was only 70 degrees and over cast. Perfect for a summer (ok not quite yet, 1:16PM today) run.

However since I was at work, that meant outside stepping can only be done at the hateful trail. Oh well, what can you do? Each lap, according to their sign, is about 1.75 miles. The first two I just spun around continuously. Felt good! The nice thing about this trail is it is ALWAYS windy and in your face, has lots of ups and downs, so really lets me know how my legs are progressing, or not.

After the first two laps, I decided to really up it and do 30 to 45 sec bursts with a one to two minute break. I counted ten total. I kept them short on time so I could really just put on the gas and let go. Notably I received some strange looks, but whateva! I was enjoying myself, once I caught my breath between sets.

So all in all, i feel it was a terrific five miler even if I still do not agree with their map.

Originally posted on The Loop June 21, 2011

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