Oh How I Missed This

Chapter 79

Last Tuesday was the last spin class I attended. Thursday I worked from home and was unable to drive up to VA.  Then Saturday I had to take the dog to the vet. So last night I went to the gym on the way home, hit the weight circuit then strutted happily into the spin room. And man did he have one kick butt routine for us. Even he mentioned afterwards that he was exhausted. Sooooo worth it. I slept like a baby!

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Best Spin Yet

Chapter 64

So the instructor really kicked our behinds last night. I worked so hard, my hair was even sweating! He did a lot of strength training for our legs with endurance. I was going to hit the weights last night after, but I was pleasantly exhausted.

I have a tempo run tonight. I’ll force myself to hit the free weight room after. On ket’s meow’s recommendation, I went to GNC and bought some powdered L-Glutamine and had some right after last nights work-out. I’ll do the same throughout the rest of the week and weekend to see if it makes any difference.

This is my cut-back week with only 6 miles on the schedule for Sunday’s long run, but I’m adding an extra day during the week.

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Weekend 2 Down

Chapter 63

Marathon Training Day #7/8

Yesterday I did decide to take it easy since my legs still felt like cement blocks. So skipped my normal Saturday plyos and just did upper body weights and 75 minutes of spin. Felt great.

Today I tackled 9 miles, no walk breaks. My knee did me a favor. It only ‘let me know it was around’. No actual pain. But I ran enough today to notice that when it did start knocking on the door my form was sloppy. So as long as I paid attention and did not completely zone out, I was able to highly enjoying a long run for a change. I did force myself to stay around 10:30 to 11:00 pace. This is a minute and half slower than my robot pace which is where I’m planning on sticking for the marathon. Took me 1:39 to complete. I was thrilled! It just felt so good to be able to run without wincing.

On another note, my current running shoes I know have around 500 miles on them each so I decided to treat myself. After all, I’m getting ready to log more miles per week than ever before and I must protect my knees. Dicks had a sale so I jumped on the Kinvaras bandwagon…… Oh they felt soo good on my feet!

So I figured they would be my speedy shoes which meant I still needed something with a little more cushion to carry me on Sundays….

I tried the 2160s after reading many great reviews but I do not know if it was just trying them after the Kinvaras or if it was the shoes themselves, but they felt too bulky.

So what is on the schedule for tomorrow? A much much needed rest day.

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That Was SOOOOO Difficult

Chapter 62

Marathon training day #5

This has to be the hardest tempo run I have ever done. I swear I just wanted to go home but went anyway. I jumped on the treadmil and wanted to quit so many times I could not count them.

I had a 45 minutes tempo run at 6.5 on the schedule tonight. Even on a good night running that long at 6.5 would be a challenge. I could probably do it, but it would be quite an effort. But tonight…….

I did expect to be sore today after last nights kick arse workout. I woke up this morning a little stiff but walked it off. I have a desk job so by the end of the day I was extrememly sore from head to toe. But I’m determined to do this marathon so I begrudgingly went to the Y.

I cannot explain how heavy my legs feel. I started a five minutes walking warm up and lets just say that was tough in and of itself! But after five minutes I up’d it to 6.0 for the first 10 minutes. In my mind I was going to work up to 6.5 instead of just going all out since I was not feeling it tonight. But my legs would not have it. So instead of going up for the next 35 minutes I went down to 5.5 to 5.7. Regardless, I finished the 45 minute run and I will not be sad at not hitting the speed dictated by my training plan at all. I did it, my lead legs and all.

Tomorrow I have XT on the schedule so that means spin. That should be a rest for them….. haha

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GAH! I needed that

Chapter 61

Marathon Training Day #4

Tonight was awesome! I felt like I could do more. My knee played niceities with me. I decided to give the Vomero’s another shot since I had a short spurt tonight and they faired well. So here was the break down: (treadmill workout)

5 min walk

5 min jog at 6.2

30 sec 7.5 / 1 min walk (did this for 10 minutes)

30 sec 7.6 / 1 min walk (did this for 10 minutes)

30 sec 7.8 / 1 min walk (did this for 10 minutes)

30 sec 8.0 / 1 min walk (did this for 9 minutes)

1 min at 8.0

5 min walk

100 box jumps

squats and upper body weights


I did not struggle through the run portion at all. It felt really good! After doing nothing since the Sunday long run, I was becoming crabby, that and I worked all night last night and started again at 8am this morn. Now I feel rejuvinated but will probably crash after I shower and eat.

But so far so good. I have a tempo run tomorrow night.

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Made the Eight

Chapter 60

I took last week off after the half, minus the spin class I took on Tuesday night, and rested my knee. Seemed to be a good thing. I was able to tackle my 8 miles scheduled with only three walk breaks where I had water set. After 5.50 miles the knee did start to hurt but I was able to relax it, slow down slightly and keep going to the end.

Now I’m just kicked back, smiling watching reruns of Dresden Files.  Hopefully my luck will hold up.

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And The Marathon Training Begins

Chapter 59

So, now that I have gotten through the Rock n Roll half this past weekend, even if only partially intact, I can now start concentrating on my first marathon in January. I’m a little worried since my knee crapped out on me, but I’ve got training in mind that will hopefully help my ITBS even more and allow me to successfully complete my first.

I have a goal of under 5 hours. I’d really like to stick by that. I’m thinking I may just need to break up my longer runs for now until I can stregthen my legs to prevent re-inury. I’m going to try and get in yoga a couple of times per week to hopefully help with this also.

I’m very excited about finally specifically training all for 26.2.

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Rock N Roll RR

Chapter 58

So I’m just going to spit it out there, this was horrible! I’m so disappointed. But let me start with the fun part, the expo.

The doors opened at noon. I was there by 11:30AM standing in line with many others just waiting to get in. There was a band in the lobby rocking us out while we waited. Once inside, I went straight to the Brooks section. I was second in line for the gait analysis. This was pretty cool. I was actually able to see when I land my ankle bends in an unreal looking fashion to the inside. Funny how my shoes wear quickly on the outside. The nice lady who worked with me gave me two recommendations based on the video, the adrenaline or the trance in a wide (which they did not have on hand).

Once I left there I headed over to where Ryan Hall was being interviewed by the Penquin, John Bingham. John’s a great public speaker and actually understood my southern tongue.

Once the interview was over, I headed to a booth and had Ryan sign my bib and got a picture with him.

I love expos. They are so full of excitement. I also ran into Jim Ryun and he was kind enough to pose for a picture. I was on a roll…..

Then after some great shopping purchases, I headed home to put up my feet and begin my pleading with my knee to behave on race day. Man does it need a massive time-out!

Anyway, the race started off great. I had decided to stick with the 5:1 ratio to keep my knee happy. Five miles in I was still feeling great hitting 9:30s for the five minute runs. No hard breathing, didn’t feel like I was struggling, I was very hopeful for a great PR. Then I hit 5.50 and it was like some switch flipped without warning. My knee just began yelling at me. I slowed to a 10:30, then an 11, 11:30, 12, you can see where this is going…….. I ended up around mile 7 running for 11 minutes at a time and ditching the ratio since it seemed that everytime I took the walk break and began running again it made my knee worse.

Luckily I had the IT band strap on. I could actually feel my tendon tighten and the ball in this band pressing on it. Then about 15 seconds later, it would release and I’d be semi okay again. I struggled so hard trying to continue some sort of run segments, trying to keep my legs relaxed and to just finish that I used all of my energy and was exhausted when I crossed the line. So much so one of the volunteers ran up to me to give me a water bottle before I walked past her. I must have looked awful. It was probably just my PO’d at myself look, LOL!

Anyway, I did finish. I was not going to quit. I did my best to run in the center of the road and stay away from the sides, but I think it was still took much for my knee to handle. I can go double digit on the treadmil and the trail by my house, but stick me on an actual road that slants and kapow, kaplouie….. 2:42

I still got my bling and am able to walk today so i’m not actually beating myself up. I’m just really upset since it was going so well the first five I just knew it was my day and the injury was over.

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Divide and Conquer

Chapter 54

Xena and I played it in twos today, yeah I am definitely sticking with that name. I’m thinking perhaps I can get more mileage in if I can split my runs and stick to the training plan.

I headed out early this morning and did 2.80 miles according to Xena around a 9:18 pace doing 5:1 intervals. Then at 6PM tonight I squeezed in 4 more with the gang. This unfortunately was on a slanted road and my knee is paying for it horribly. The weather however played nice sticking around 90* with low humidity so could not help myself but agree to the two a dayer. Plus after the 6pm run, we jumped in the pool still fully clothed and kicked back a Strongbow. Perfect Friday evening.

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Dreams of pavement below my feet

Chapter 43

I did my regular saturday morning gym routine accept I lifted a little heavier today. Also got in my 90 minutes of spin. A really good thing happened during the first 30 minutes. The instructor came in and we had a great conversation. We talked about my training and the fact that I am suffering from running injuries. She explained she worked through ITBS also training for a half and how she did it.

Funny thing is, when you talk about running issues, the first question everyone always asks is “Do you have a foam roller?”. Glad I joined the Loop and was introduced to this phenomenom so that I knew it was a “must have”. She also showed me a few band stretches that were shown to her that she said really helped.

She also suggested I work in my ‘long runs’ on the elliptical. This would simulate my running and still allow me to work a couple hours.

Once I got back home this morning I attempted the stretches. Whoa. Have you ever done anything so painful that it made you laugh instead of cry? If so, then you’ll understand the pain when I tell you I was hysterical. But, I believe this will also help me get through this and finally get back to what I love.

I think I’m going to try, again, for a few miles tomorrow morning. I seem to be able to keep a slower pace on the trail than the treadmill. I’m hoping for a semi painless run since even after thursday night my knee regressed but then friday felt much improved.

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