Sweating to the Oldies

Chapter 35

It was 95 degrees yesterday and humid. Not only that but the faint smell of smoke from the Carolina fires was still creeping up north. I had a severe migraine from a seriously stressful day at work but still I decided to brave it. I was actually hoping it would help me feel better.

I arrived at the trail without any real plan in mind. With all of the above to consider I just thought I would wing it and go by feel. My feel ended up only being two laps which equal  about 3.50 miles. The second lap I had to take a couple of long walk breaks. It was HOT! 44 minutes later and it was only getting hotter, at least it felt that way. But me and my screw on top water bottle made it around twice with the rest of the very limited, slow jogging, walking predestrians all of us looking a little worse for wear.

Originally posted on The Loop June 24, 2011

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