Slipping in Seven

Chapter 33

Six ladies, out on a mission. The mission? Relax, forget work, forget how much we may need to clean our homes, forget work, forget the wonderful loving children and how much we love to serve them…. Ok, not so much forget all of that, but set it aside for 24 hours.

The goal: leave 9:00 am. So one nice saturday morning, five women set out for a day/night get away to a log cabin, pool on side. But before I could even think about the escape from reality, I had to fit in a run since I would yet again miss my sunday long one. Knowing how much food I would probably ingest also fueled this particular trip to sweatville.

So thankfully I got up at 5:00 am and rode out to the trail. The sun had not quite woke itself giving only enough light to see where I was stepping, but it was absolutely beautiful. I love the early morning runs… that i can actually get up for. Something about that time of day is just so peaceful. It seems a shame to miss that.

I had originally wanted to put in 15, but I just could not see finishing in enough time to get back home, shower and put all the grub I stayed up late cooking together in the car, so I settled.

But even if shorter than desired it definitely helped me relax even more around the pool, enjoying the company of great friends, three of which I’m trying to convince that running is da bomb. And even if I’m a little redder in spots than when I started, it was a much needed mini vacation.

Happy Father’s Day!

Originally posted on The Loop June 19, 2011

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