Easy As She Goes

Chapter 31

Mother nature has really dumped heat on us soon this year. My three times trip plan tonight at the hateful trail turned into two, but I can live with that. Unfortunately it seems the winds have also shifted into our direction so the smoke is beginning to cloud our sight.

Luckily I was able to get in 3.50 miles tonight after work smoke free but humidity laced. My fear of being a statistic out weighs my drive to kick butt so I took it easy and put in a three minute walk break half way through to drink some water. A water bottle, I might add, that I carried around with me. One of those that you buy from the store, twist top and all. Water making sloshing sounds as I was passing folks and getting lots of strange looks. Oh well, I was hydrated and prepared.

Originally posted on The Loop June 7, 2011

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