Treading was the Cure

Chapter 29

Because I know you guys completely understand where I’m coming from tonight, even if you may shake your fingers at me, I had a running itch I just had to scratch. My foot has not taunted me for a couple of days so the false i’m alright feeling made the urge that much stronger.

I’ve been wearing cushioned shoes with a hill lift and they seem to keep the pain at bay. So tonight after work, fully prepared to hit the pool, I told myself that with the thought of a run ahead if my foot did not start barking, I would jump on the treadmil to see how it goes. I figured the softer surface of the treadmill would be better if I absolutely had to do it, and face it I absolutely had to do it, than the hateful trail.

I was pleasently pleased, even if I am paying for it now. I began with a two minute walk, right away at an 1.0 incline, and since all was quiet I pushed the speed up to 6.0 to the ten minute mark. Still awed at how well my foot was doing I pushed up two more notches to 6.2 for another five minutes, then 6.4 for five more. I kept up this pattern up to 6.7 which was a 9:05 mm.

After that five minutes, I decided I’d really test my foot since it does not seem to bother me running with some speed and walked for two minutes. There was a slight ping but nothing that I felt concerned with so I cranked it up to 7.0 for two minutes then 7.1 for another minute and took another one min walk break.

Still just a slight “hey I’m still here” from the side of my foot so went back to a 6.4 for five more minutes before taking it down to 3.8. At this point I decided to begin lifting the belt two at a time each minute until I reach an 8 incline. Then I thought, why not….. and ran for one minute at this incline at 6.0. Then the grateful cool down.

It felt great to be able to run even if I am sitting on the couch with my glass of red nursing the foot. I just could not help myself 🙂

Originally posted on The Loop June 2, 2011

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