What the Double H!

Chapter 27

This has been some week. The heat and humidity has just kicked my butt! I did manage to get my two weekly runs in, the pacer and the speeder albeit not in the usual manner. I however missed my long run yesterday due to my foot. We did decide to drag four of us together to go bike riding.

Oh this was hilarious, for them… This was the first time since I was 15 that I have sat my rear-end on a moving bicycle. Let’s just say, it is not like riding a bike. Oh the memories are still there, but the coordination somewhere was lost.

I must admit that I loved it. It was much more fun than the spin classes on saturdays. We covered 11 miles in no time and my legs felt it so it did not seem as I missed anything. I did whine a little when runners went by in the opposite directions, but I’m going to give my foot a couple of weeks and then jump on the train runing full force, hopefully. Until then, I’ll just stick to the bike and the pool. Darn, the sufferance.

Originally posted on The Loop May 30, 2011

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