Where’d That Come From

Chapter 28

I just had to get some kind of running fix yesterday, so brought my suit and towel to work with me. As our office stays about 80 degrees all day long, this gave me the perfect excuse to actually take a lunch break and head to the gym.

I decided to try my hand at some pool running. Let me just say… BORING! But I was able to squeeze in 30 minutes at lunch so I at least felt like I accomplished something.

Know what I found upon crawling out of bed early this morn? Pool running works core muscle that evidently I have forgotten I have. WOW! I am actually sore. That definitely made it even more worth my time.

No i’m not a love to be sore junkie 🙂 but I definitely like finding areas that need work that I may have never thought about that may help improve my running.

So to all of you pool adicts, you rock!

Originally posted on The Loop June 2, 2011

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