Taking Back Ten

Chapter 26

I must start this one recapping this past week for sessions that I just could not fathom after being on a computer all day long at work in research mode, coming home and jumping back on to record my activities. I could call it just laziness on my part but the headaches began even with the thought of lifting this white lid. So instead I poured myself a glass of red wine and vegged out in front of the mind numbing black box in the living room; after a shower of course 🙂

Thursday I actually put in an interval workout. I gave in and made some wheat pasta with chicken for lunch. I just had to sneak in a few carbs to support what I knew I was going to attempt regardless and it went well. I warmed up for the first mile at about a 10 min pace then started the speedy turn overs. Since I was on my regular home front trail which is marked every quarter, I would drop gear for a quarter, walk 100 m then jog 100 m and repeat for four miles. Felt good and I owe it all to my bootleg carbs.

Yesterday I continued my regular Saturday carnival, weights, rowing machine and ‘kickquads’ spin class. I love saturdays. It gives me quite the variety to keep me intertained and movitivated for what is definitely a challenging morning.

Today I put in ten miles. I discovered this week however that I owe peroneal tendonitis to the past pine cone attack. Being me, I assumed it was just bruised due to the way my ankle turned over and kept going. This past week it has really been giving me trouble, even just standing. So yes this is self diagnosed, but since research is one of my strong characteristics, it was easy to assertain. However everything I read said take about three weeks off. Oh the thought frightens me!

So anyway, I met my running buddy at the trail this morning. She was only attempting five so we began with my announcement of ‘be passing ya’. After the third pass, she stated coffee would be ready around 9am so believe me, this is what pushed me through the last four. I had to be there around 9 so quiting and walking just could not happen. So what did I learn from that? I definitely give up to easily when exhaustion sets in. I must do something about that 🙂

Originally posted on The Loop May 22, 2011

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