Fun on a Treadmill – Is That Even Possible?

Chapter 96

So I pulled a run out of my ears last night and it actually turned out great. I loved it and the hour just flew by. But to back up one step, I was finally able to get back to my Tuesday night spin class. Oh how I missed it. Unfortunately my legs were still tired from the 18 miler on Sunday so my heart rate never really got much above 140 since I took it easy. But still had a lot of fun.

Last night I had a 50 min tempo on the calendar. That on a treadmill, especially one that stops every 30 minutes, just flat out sucks! So I figured, what can I do? I won’t go through with that. I’ll quit for some reason or another. My brain will cause my ear lobe to hurt so I’ll stop…..

I happened to be reading a new tri mag and it mentioned running for 8 min moderately then jogging for 3. I decided I could break this down and make it work. So I would run for three minutes and jog for 1. I did this throughout the whole hour. But what made it fun was on the first 30 min I would up my speed one each time, then last 30 start higher and go down. So my jog was 6.3 or 9:30. My fastest 3 min seg was 8.0 or 7:30. Fun fun, on the run, without the sun, then I was done

Originally posted on The Loop December 1, 2011

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