A Very Frosty 5K

Chapter 97

So here is part two and the actual race report. I just had to put up my results yesterday as soon as they emailed them to me. I really like the way J&A Racing handle their races. They do a great job.

So we arrived yesterday at the convention center about 45 minutes before the start. Me, my mother in law and oldest daughter.


Everyone met inside.  It was cold.

Once we got our group photo and checked out some of the other costumes, we headed outside to the corrals. My oldest daughter was in corral 2 with me. The gun started and a minute plus later, we were off. I decided this time we were starting at the front of the corral. I think it was a great decision. I still had to do some manuevering but not as much. They started the 10 miler and the 5K together so I believe the slower runners off the gun were probably the 10 milers, no walkers.

This was a great race. Everyone was cheeful and we all just pushed on with jingle bells on our shoes. About mile 2.50 there were three of us grouped on the right. The guy slightly in front of us leaned to the right and shot a rocket, then got ready to do the same thing to the left, where we were. The other guy and me just staired at him, he grinned and stopped slowly righting himself. Thank goodness, LOL! That could have been nasty.

The last half mile was the hardest. It was 39* and we were now running into the wind. A young boy passed me and I thought, “I’ll try to keep up with him. He’s not going that much faster”. That lastest all of 10 seconds.

The end of the race was actually in the convention center which I thought was cool. They had stadium seating setup for spectators and the annoucer was calling everyone’s name. I heard my name called as I crossed.


That is such a great feeling! I saw the clock said 27 something. As soon as I crossed the lines, I began walking, then all of a sudden was I heading to the closest trashcan which was right in front of the stands. Guess I gave everyone a grand show they probably did not want to see. A really nice lady rushed over to me. I was fine after a few seconds, but evidently I had lost my color because she insisted she walk me to the med tent. As we walked by everyone still cheered my name. That made me smile.

Once I sat in the tent they put a pinch of salt on my tongue and I felt immediately better. So much so that my hubby said I am pro now. Crossed the line, puked, got salt, 15 minutes later had a Sam Adams in one hand and a bowl of chili in the other.

Since there was hardly anyone finished still at this point, I took this opportunity to go ahead and get my picture with Santa.


They also gave me a chip and told me that I qualified for the costume contest, but I had to stay until 11AM for the pick. Unfortunately, my youngest was having none of that, so we left the fun around 10. All in all, it was a great race which I will definitely do again next year. The bling was also very cool

5K PR by almost 7 minutes :0) Granted the only other 5K i’ve done was my very first race in May of 2009 in 32 minutes, but it feels good just the same.  Plus I took home my first age group award, 3rd place. Not too shabby.  I’ve got the fever now!

Overall Results
Time: 26:41
Pace: 8:36/M
Place: 68 out of 908

Age Group Results
Group: Women 35 to 39
Place: 3
Finishers: 91

Gender Results
Gender: F
Place: 27 out of 613

Originally posted on The Loop December 4, 2011

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