Two Knees and Counting

Chapter 95

37 days to go. Nervous? Think I’ve passed nervous and gone to frightened. Especially after yesterday. But let me back up a little.

Wednesday I was told to work from home. Oh darn. No 1 1/2 drive there and then back again. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to head back out to the spin class. So Thursday morn I rolled out of bed at 6:30AM to get the turkey started. We were having lunch instead of dinner for Thanksgiving. Once the turkey was roasting, I headed out the door. I was going to hit 6, but for some reason was just having one of those ‘dang I’m tired’ days. So I putted along and only did 3 in 27 min. Wow, I can remember when this was not even a possibility and now that was an easy run. Whoot Whoot! Anyway……..

Lunchinner was over and everyone left by 5PM. I should have taken a nap but sat on the couch watching TV. My sister and I started our annual Black Friday shopping spree at 10PM that night. Oh yeah, I said 10PM. But we were not done for ……. 13 hours! Our last stop was Olive Garden for lunch around 11:30 on Friday. Was I tired? Not sure tired can truly express my exhaustion level. So once I got back home I layed down for two hours. That was it. I knew we had another holiday tradition to partake and I did not want to disappoint the kids.

So I rolled out of bed again, actually refreshed and ready to go for at least another hour…… Baked the cookies, turned on the christmas movies and started the tree. Only the tree decided it was exhausted and refused to light. I love prelit trees but try checking 1200 lights to see where a bad one is. This meant unfortunately that it was time for a new tree. I knew I would not be able to replace this one. It was huge, but the new one is very pretty. As a matter of fact, I still have not decorated it yet. I finally crashed around 9PM and was O-U-T!

Saturday I got up with 18 miles on the schedule. LOL! Yeah, not gonna happen…. I was so sore for being on my feet for 13 hours and awake for almost 48 hours I decided to push it to Sunday.

So Sunday I got up and headed to the trail with 18 on the brain. Round one (6 miles) went well. I stayed around a 10 to 10:30 with 10:30 being the goal. No pain. Round two (6 miles) by the end could always tell when I dipped slower than 11 as my knee would hurt. Finished only a little annoyance, no pain. Round 3 (6 miles) OMG! Where did the pain from the hips down come from? Ok, not so much paaiinnn as severe achyness. But I continued but decided to throw in some walking for safe measure.  So it turned out to be walk 1/4, jog 1/4. Hardest 6 miles ever! But I got in the 18 and now my right knee is killilng me.  The pain is in the lower outside of it so pretty sure ITBS now rules both legs.

I’ve been asking everyone if running your first marathon is like giving birth. Once the miles really get up there as you come close to the end, you look forward to the race but are hating all the aches and pains along the way and swear you’ll never do it again…. only to forget it all months later and the thought of a second slowly creeps in.

Originally posted on The Loop November 28, 2011

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