Brown Bagging It

Chapter 94

Oh how I miss running at lunch! I feel so invigorated and ready to handle the rest of the day, ….. and the grocery store after work.

I have a few remaining ‘fresh’ items for lunch on Thursday and need to go after work tonight. My mom is working the night shift on Thanksgiving so I moved our dinner up to lunch to accommodate. I know it will be a mad house, but I much prefer to use fresh than canned or frozen when I can and mushrooms and peppers do not keep long. So I decided to hit the gym at lunch today. Yes I’d be a little late getting back because I MUST SHOWER, but shouldn’t be too bad. All I’ve been doing today is writing a web app for one of our departments, so a very slow holiday week. LUV ‘EM!

Anywho, I drove to the local Y and did 30 minutes worth of strides. I had 40 min on the schedule, but short is better than absent

It went well. I almost cannot wait until after the marathon so I can work on my speed. I really think I will improve quickly. I did the first 10 minutes today at 8.0, second 10 min set at 8.1, then last remaining 10 I increased each by one so did my last stride at 8.8. My feet were smokin’. One guy on a treadmill in the row in front of me kept turning around to look at me. I guess he was waiting to see if I go flying off the back and through the glass window directly behind me. Sorry to disappoint dude.

Originally posted on The Loop November 22, 2011

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