Wicked 10K 2013 RR/PR

A Wickedly Perfect Run

     This is by far my favorite race each year.  I have done all five now and the plan is to continue and celebrate each year and decade as it ticks by.  This one was especially good to me as I punched in a new 10K race PR at 58:49.  This was not a PB (personal best) time but I keep my PB’s and my PR’s separate.

     This chip time put me 153 in my age group.  Wow are there some fast women out there.  I have my work cut out for me to get back into contention and stay away from injury.  I have one age group medal which is all it takes to get the competitive fever.

     But let’s wind time back a little and start where all race weekends begin, with the expo.  I love these things.  Even as small as it was this year, I still enjoyed walking around and checking out the merchandise.  The shirt vendors seem to be where we always migrate toward and spend the most time.  The slogans give us hours of conversation of what we found and ones we would love to see.

     It’s a great place to try out new gels and dietary products without dipping in the pockets and tossing most in the trash.  Sometimes you can get really good deals on shoes and clothing even though this can be a little harder to find.

     I went up with a couple of ladies from our running group and I bet we walked around three times at least before heading out to grab some lunch.  You always seem to walk by something missed that you see on the next trip around.  Plus there were quite many people doing the same thing so we were corralled around.

     Once we had our fill we jumped in the car and headed to Olive Garden to feast on soup, salad and bread sticks.  Yum!  Biggest meal pre race day at lunch.  Motto I live by.

     I hit the sack around 8:00PM because I knew my alarm would be screaming at me to rise and shine at 4:30AM the next morning.  As usual, I woke up around 4:00AM raring to go.  Since I figured it was silly to lay back down for 30 minutes, I got up and decided to eat something and move around to get the blood pumping in the limbs.

     It was a chilly morning, however it made for some very clean port-o potties.  Everyone was in the very long lines in the convention center.  Why wait?  I just jogged outside to the no lines, very clean box and was in and out in seconds.  Then off to the start.


     For the first three miles I chased down Ariel.  It was a great costume though not sure how she ran in it.  By mile three she took off and I just could not keep up.  I kept a steady pace through out until mile 5 for which I guess I slowed down majorly the last 1/2 mile and did not realize due to what my Garmin said my last lap pace time was.  But still finished with an average 9:27 pace.  I’ll take it.

     Afterward we headed into the convention center for the after party.  The lines were crazy but moved very quickly.  The band was awesome!  And we enjoyed yet another great Wickedly cool race day.


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