My Feet are Starting to Burn

Chapter 93

Not in a bad way. I had a 60 min tempo on schedule today for which I usually just do 6 miles. I felt really good today so strapped on the Kinvaras and headed out the door. I planned on sticking to 9:15 for 6 miles but the feet turn over just felt ‘right’ going a little faster so I let them.

I hit 3 miles in 25:41!!!! A PB by far. I took a quick jump up and down break and took back off to finish out the 6 at a much slower pace. The wind had picked up just a little so I just let my legs do what they wanted again. Seemed to be sticking between 10:30 and 11. I completed the 6 in 57:02. Still a good time for me and seems weird with the last three miles being so relaxed.

Taking a step back, my Sunday long run on only 8 miles went great. I finished it in 1:17. I felt I could do more, but i’m sticking to the mileage on schedule.

Originally posted on The Loop November 21, 2011

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