There Was No Stopping Me

Chapter 75

So after the spin class on Thursday, there was no way I could go to our regular Saturday class. So running buddy and I decided to drive up to VA and it was well worth the trip. That was a great endurance ride. We were also able to get a spin through the weight circuit in for this workout.

Today it took me a little while to get motivated and get out the door. I had 13 on the schedule and was a little weary if I’d make it. I started off slow and decided to keep my pace basically around 11mm. This is quite difficult but by the time I hit mile 13 I was lucky to stay around 12mm. I took no walk breaks. I have definitely discovered walk breaks = knee pain.

My left IT Band hurt somewhat off and on the whole entire run. I’m not going to frown too highly on it as it kept reminding me to check my form. Especially since I did indeed completed the 13. It took me longer than I want.  I completed the 13 miler in 2:33:09, oh well the key word is completed.

It does appear I need to strengthen my feet more. They are very achey and walking seems to be quite a challenge for me tonight. Trying to imagine 26 miles just doesn’t seem doable right now. But I have three more months so I’m hoping I do progress as I should.

Originally posted on The Loop October 9, 2011

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