Chicken or Wise Grasshopper

Chapter 76

I have to be honest. I did not believe I would even get to run today. Since Sunday, my ITBS has been a PIA. My knee has been killing me. Even today with just sitting at my desk or slowly walking. There just seemed to be no possibility of a run. I almost decided to call it an unscheduled rest day, but I talked myself into going anyway.

So after work I headed out to the hateful trail. I decided I would just do a couple of miles if I could. I wasn’t going to push it or make myself go slow. What ever my legs wanted, they could have. So when I reached my personal starting line, I hit start and Xena and I went on our way.

I do not know if anyone else actually feels this, but when I force my legs to either speed up or slow down, I feel pressure in my legs. They are slightly tense. So today just letting them go, no tension, no forced speed or ease. I just was.

So you can really imagine why I had to pick my jaw up off of the grass when I heard the two mile alarm and hit stop. 17:38. What, maybe I read it wrong. I stood there and stared at it for a while not believing that this easy feeling run of two miles was 17:38. Wholly cow pattys!!!!

I felt really good and get this…. the whole run my knee never once hurt. Pain constant for three days straight and when I am doing the one thing I thought I would not be able to do, no pain. I could have definitely kept going. I had 50 minutes on the schedule for tonight but thinking about the hiding pain and how I was probably looking a gift horse in the mouth, I just did not want to take the chance.

So as I turned to walk to my car and head to the gym for some weights, smiling like a dope, the pain returned. No worse than before I began the run which is good. I still continued to the gym, did head to toe weights and thought about hitting the treadmill for another two miles once done. They were all full. I saw this as a sign and left.

Originally posted on The Loop October 13, 2011

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