That was one BA spin instructor

Chapter 74

You all know I just love my Tuesday night spin class. I think that instructor is wonderful. He kicks my butt and he should as he is an Ironman man. For weeks running buddy has told me that the Thursday night spin class at Greenbrier was much tougher, so tonight I decided I could work it into my schedule.

I will be doing that every week! OMG. She walked in the door, this little tiny thing, and said, “Okay five minute warm up, get going”. Okay, an unstructured warm up, not an issue. I’m usually in there 30 minutes before start anyway, except tonight which turned out to be a blessing. Then she had us up our resistance to moderate for all of 30 seconds and told us to take it two full turns up. WHAT! And let me tell you, it did not stop the whole class. There was no rest, no water break, you grabbed water when you felt you could. She never said ‘now take it down a turn’, it was always, up another full, up a quarter, up up up up. I swear it came to a point I felt the nob just would not tighten anymore and I was basically sitting still. Oh and she wasn’t up out of the saddle much.

This was a strength ride like I’ve never seen before. Loved it!!!!! This is exactly what I need to stregthen my legs. This will make three spin classes per week so I’ll have to squeeze in a run after one of them but not this one……..

Originally posted on The Loop October 6 2011

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