ITBS Sucks!

Chapter 71

The last two weeks have gone so well. So much so I’ve done a 9 miler and many tempo runs without my strap or any pain. Today it decided to come back with a vengance. Stupid ITBS!

I had 11 on the schedule. It was perfect this morn. 49 degrees, slight breeze, just perfect. I headed to the trail and completed one loop. 5:75 miles. Turned around and started back out. I started feeling the knee as I have before so I just checked my form and concentrated on staying relaxed. This usually always works. Today my luck ran out.

I was in so much pain by mile 6:75 I decided to stop. I’m not going to push it but it was a little too much pain to keep going at all. So I went home and decided to wait a few hours and then head to the gym to do five more on the treadmill.

So went to the gym around 3:00 and could only do two miles. This was serious pain. As a second thought, I brought my pool gear and thought I would finish my workout in the pool. I mean come on! It would not even let me pool run. 😦

I must say things had been going so well this is very upsetting to me. I was looking forward to the upcoming races I have scheduled and the long runs to come. Sitting here in pain I just cannot think about them.

Originally posted on The Loop October 2, 2011

1 thought on “ITBS Sucks!

  1. I know how you are feeling!! I have IT band friction sydrome. I didn’t find out until after a marathon I arn in June. I thought it was just a bum knee and ran the race in pain! After months of appointments my MRI finally revealed the culprit! I did OrthoVISC injections to my knee and it’s completely gone! after the 1st injection i ran 13 miles two days later with no pain. there is NOTHING online showing orthoVISC is for IT band, but my sports med Dr. said he uses it on his runners. should take a look into it.

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