‘Give Up’ is not in my vocabulary

Chapter 72

I will not let ITBS get the best of me again. I only have three months left before my first marathon and I want to be able to cross the line and remain vertical with a smile on my face giving high fives to Mickey Mouse!

Not sure if this was such a good idea, but before spin last night, I went through the leg weight circuit. I’ve read weak leg muscles can contribute, so I need to make sure I concentrate a little more in that area. The instructor last night also gave me a couple of yoga poses to use to really get in there and stretch it out. I tried pidgeon last night…. I looked like one that had been hit by a mac truck and stayed stuck to the grill, but I did it.  Sort of.

Oh well, it gives me something to work on. I also brought my Stick to work with me today since I have a tempo run that I WILL, you hear me ITBand, I WILL COMPLETE! after work .

I’m wondering if the two days lack of sleep last week just made me sloppier than I thought and reversed all my hard work with this ailment. As long as I can come up with some sort of reason, I have hope

Originally posted on The Loop October 5, 2011

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