I Let My Wuss Lose

Chapter 70

I had an easy week this week on my training scheduled. I stuck it out, for the most part, even without much sleep. I probably should have tried to sleep through Thursday’s workout also.

Due to pumping tons and tons of caffeine into my system Wednesday to stay awake enough to work, it kept me up all night. So I basically went about 48 hours without sleep. But Thursday after work I still headed to the gym to get in my run. It should have been real simple. Unlike me though I punked out the last five minutes of the cool down mile. Five minutes! For some reason I just could not keep myself going for five more minutes.

I mean five minutes is nothing and I mentally could not keep myself going. I kicked myself hard after. I kept trying to remind my brain about how tired I will be come mile 17 plus and I’ll have to keep going, so what is five minutes! What a wuss. As embarrasing as it is, here was my breakdown:

5 min walk

10 min @ 6.2

5 min @ 6.7 / 1 min walk

5 min @ 6.5 / 1 min walk

5 min @ 6.5 / 1 min walk

5 min (not the 10 it should have been) @ 6.0

5 min walk

Originally posted on The Loop October 2, 2011

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