Decisions Decisions

Chapter 53

Wow, who knew it would be such a decision to pick a name for my new best friend. I wanted to give it something special and I think I’ve finally come up with a special name for my special new love, or at least narrowed it down to two options.

Ok, for anyone who is completely confused, I’m referring to my Garmin 305…

I’ve been thinking hard about the different aspects of my life and personality. I really wanted something that would fit right into my crazy life. Man was this more difficult than I thought it would be. But I think I’m contemplating Trinity.

Running kind of brings all three of the major aspects of my life together, or I guess I should say holds me together. So I figure, hmmmmmmm I’m a runner, a mother and a professional. My big 3. I just happened to be watching the Matrix series last night and low and behold, a name is thrown out at me. It couldn’t be more perfect, right? Hmmmmm, feels strange but I like it.

My oldest DD said I should call it George, LOL!

I’m also considering Xena due to strenth and perserverance of that character. And seriously, Xena was just BA! Hmmmm, more I think about it, I really like Xena.

Originally posted on The Loop August 5, 2011

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