Where is that dern horse?

Chapter 52

I’m telling you, somebody just does not want me training for this marathon! I have never in my 37 years of life had so many injuries in such a short span of time.

What is it this time? A dang tooth! I had to have a tooth pulled last thursday due to it breaking on tuesday. I’d rather give birth that have that kind of tooth pain, and they wanted me to wait until August 16 to pull it??? WTHeck! No way. Luckily I was able to find someone to take care of it for me. Now I just have a humongoid hole and daily pain. It is getting better but com’on!

So I decided to test the waters today at lunch. So not the best time since it was 96 degrees with a heat index of over 100. HOT HOT HOT! But I decided I was just going to see between my knee and my mouth what I could actually do.

I ended up with three miles. Did a lot of walking. My cheek did hurt on the way home from the trail and throbbed like it had grown it’s own heart, but hey, I did it.

The best part was I made the jump and bought a 305. I’ve had it a week and today was the first time I’ve gotten to use it. Can I just say………. LOVE IT!!!

Originally posted on The Loop August 3, 2011

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