Letting the Yoga In

I have off and on throughout the years tried my hand at yoga.  In my early 20s I even used to meditate with a tape from Dr. Andrew Weil nightly to help mediate my stress levels.  Yes at 20 something you can be stressed.  I was married, young child, working 2 to 3 jobs at any one time, bills, yada yada yada.  You get the picture.

Just prior to Thanksgiving last year I guess everything I either did not realize was seriously getting to me or I unconsciously denied finally decided to show its face.  My eye started twitching non stop, every day without fail and my jaw locked up on me.  This continued honestly until about four weeks ago when I decided to go full force into my yoga practice and really get serious about it.

I had been going to what I call the Thursday mega class weekly which is 40 minutes of spin followed by 20 minutes of weights/core work followed by an hour of yoga.  I was mainly doing this to hopefully improve my flexibility which is severely lacking to aid in my running.  Every year I suffer an injury by December on the left side.  Either my IT Band or ankle.  I’ve come to believe it is a tight hip on that side.  So getting into yoga started out as a means to an end.  But it has become something more.

I started looking up classes on youtube and found a few to do at night to help me sleep as that was also suffering by this time.  It seemed to help immediately.  So I began to incorporate a short 10 minute ‘yoga for runners’ routine to my mornings.  I was hooked.

I then found the doyouyoga.com 30 day challenge with Erin Motz.  I love it.  On day 18.  I do it every morning before work.  They are each only 10-15 minutes so instead of sitting on my butt watching TV I whip out the mat.  I really like the way she teaches which may be one of the reasons I have decided to go a little further in my practice.  If she had stunk I might still be an on again off again wannabe.

I admittedly bought the book ‘Yoga for Dummies’ for background and lifestyle information.  I’m sorry, but those are some really good books.  I have them themed from yoga to goldfish to programming.  I am not ashamed to admit it.  A good book is a good book.

What really struck me however was two weeks ago my youngest daughter had two friends stay over and they started talking about yoga for kids.  I had been trying to get her into that for a couple weeks.  Well earlier that day they hunted one out and did it.  Then decided to do an hour video before bedtime with me.  They actually asked to do it.  I was so impressed as they did so well.  Much better than I expected for such a calm routine which lasted 60 minutes.  To 9 year olds that is usually a lifetime.

So here I sit today after doing an hour of morning yoga fully relaxed and ready to tackle the day.  I now know when the day gets tough and people get under my skin to just stop, take a few deep breaths and it seems to help me push through with a smile instead of cursing under my breath and straining my eyes from all the rolling.

I have let the Yoga in with a welcoming embrace.

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