Just Can’t ‘head’Stand It

Headstand day; #21 of the yoga challenge.  *sigh*

My shoulders and core are weak.  I’m a runner so all I want to do is run.  That’s my thang.   I neglect all of those other muscles that seem to want to participate in my daily movements.  They take me away from my run.  Not acceptable.

Oh that leads me to my second thang, injury.  I’m an injury prone runner.  You would have never guessed huh?  So when today’s challenge came up I gave it my all.  I’m sure a hidden video would have gone viral.  But what ev’s.  I have tackled each days challenge like a toddler trying to walk for the first time; with zeal, skepticism, but determination.

So I cannot do a headstand…..yet.  Will I let it stop me?  No.  There was a time when I could not do pigeon.  I learned that pose two years ago just for an IT Band stretch.  Now I’m a pigeon posing fool.

We shall see how long it takes this injury prone, inflexible, weak from the hips up runner to conquer the mysterious yogic headstand.

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