Resolutions are High This Year

Driving into the YMCA parking lot last night, you couldn’t really see a difference, looked like any other gym night.  I thought nothing of it.  I walk into the spin class about 20 minutes before start time and there are only 3 people.  This is the norm.  Then five minutes prior to the start the class is full.  Now that isn’t technically too surprising for this spin class.  The regular instructor is awesome.  She’s pushes you to your limit and then just a hair pen more.

But a lot of these folks I did not recognize.  Ok,  good for these guys.  Always love to see people looking to get into better shape.  And each year we expect this.  For the first three months of the year everything will be full.  The classes, the equipment, the treadmills.  It seems to thin back out toward the end of March.

But what was really funny to me last night was the yoga class after spin.  There were two of us in the room.  Usually there are at least 2-3 more.  We did have a sub last night so we actually wondered if the class had been canceled.  Now this is only funny because ten minutes into the class people were still trying to pile in.  There was not even any standing room it was so full.  They actually needed to have put the ‘class full’ sign on the door.  We usually have around 10 or so in this class so this was a real change.

Now like I stated and all us gym rats know it always gets a little more populated this time of the year, but there is just something about this year.  I have never seen it quite this full.  I do see this as a good thing.  Looks as if more people are taking their health more seriously as a proactive step at least through the door.

And even though I think everyone making fitness a priority this year is awesome, I kind of can’t wait until March.

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