2014 Running Goals

Since my life has so many different facets I have decided to split my 2014 goals into categories.  I already feel better about them by doing it in this fashion.  Instead of one long daunting list, I have three smaller lists which seem easier to tackle and complete.

So for my 2014 running goals I only have a few:

  1. Hit 1000 miles for the year (will be my first time)
  2. Run my second marathon in November
  3. Get the cooler for running all of the J&A races in 2014
  4. Hit a 25 minute 5K
  5. End the year uninjured

I have many more smaller goals that I would like to make along the way but these are the stickers I want to stamp with a smiley face.  This is definitely doable and not scary to look at in the least.

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