There She Blows

Chapter 80

I was so tired today after work I really wished I could go home and go to bed. But I would have regretted it and the need to run over rules the need to sleep. So I drove to the hateful trail, laced up my Kinvaras, strapped on my itband strap, plugged in my ears and headed out. I had 60 minutes on the schedule.

After a 1/4 miles I looked down and saw I was going around 8:50. Way too fast… I was just looking to stay around 9:30. But since I seemed to stay basically around 9 I thought, what the heck, let her roll. I’ll mark at 5K. The 3rd mile I hit the wind. Or shall I say the wind put up a blinding tunnel. I felt like I was on an external treadmill going no where. My pace went all the way up to 10:30ish. I was definitely winded and legs felt heavy. When I hit the lap button at 3.1 it read 29:10. Uggg! That last mile killed me.

So I had 3 to go. I absolutely had to take a walk break so the first 1/4 mile I walked a 19 mm. The wind seemed to always be in my face now. Once I took off again, I bounced between 9:10 to 10:30 (hills with that wind = omg!). I finished 6 in 59:27.

I know that last 1/4 I looked like I was churning butter I was pumping my arms so hard against the wind just trying to move. I was laughing to myself imagining what I must have looked like. I saw the looks as I passed the play ground. I’m sure I made for interesting dinner talk.

Originally posted on The Loop October 19, 2011

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