A Double Gripping Morning

Chapter 81

I just did not hear the alarm go off this morning. Usually I wake up a couple of minutes before it chimes its music, but not this morning. So I walked into our building at 7:45 with a coffee mug in each hand. Why? Hubby made coffee for me so there is 1, then I decided to stop at 7-11 and get a bisquit and could not resist getting a pumpkin.

Last night after work I attended the second of three spin classes I take per week. I swear we saw Zeus. The whole class was an uphill climb. We never experienced the ‘rolling’ hills. So I can now say I’ve climbed Mt Olympus on my stationary charriot of fire.

But dumb me finally arrived home around 8ish, showered, ate and instead of going to bed plopped on the couch to watch a dvr’d horror flick followed by Grey’s. I love my DVR! I barely remember getting into bed and evidently was not there long enough.

I have two choices for today’s run. Either an interval or 45 min tempo. Guess I’ll decide as 5pm comes closer.

Original posted on The Loop October 21, 2011

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