Adventures in Riding

Some rides are uneventful.  Some rides are just fun.  Some rides push your limits and some rides are just ummmmmm…

Memorial Day ride was just such ride.  It starts with packing up our bikes in the back of the truck with my running buddy.  As she only has a beach cruiser, this was a planned joy ride for me.  Just the joy of being outside on such a beautiful day was my reward.

We arrive and the trail is packed.  Definitely cannot blame all of the other riders for being there, that’s why we were after all.  So we get ourselves together and head out.  About 1.50 miles into the ride and an approaching rider tells us that they spotted a bear a little over a mile ahead.  I immediately slowed, while the fearless beach cruiser found an invisible gear excitedly peddling on.  About 5 miles later we see a pair of whitey tighties in the middle of the road.  Didn’t even want to think about it….

As we reached the end to turn around we had to take a break.  Miss wanna see the bear had to stretch from having to ride so hard just so I could keep my bike upright.  So we head back toward the beginning and the mysterious pair of undies were gone.  Bear??? ekkkkkkk

About another 2 miles down and we had to slow for a crossing turkey enjoying his holiday. Next as we were approaching two small boys riding as soon as we come up beside them, they decide to take off at warp speed.  The trail at this point is crowded so we just let them go and passed them all of 5 minutes later as they laughed.

Part of this crowd included a couple ladies with beach cruisers like run buddy’s but theirs had baskets.  It was priceless as I had been humming the tune from the Wizard of Oz often enough already where witch lady is riding her bike (and the little dog too).  It was all we could do to stay upright and not fall off.

Strangely enough we only saw 3 runners, no bears, but countless riders flying by us.  Once an older older older gentleman rode by us I mentioned she needs a different bike.  We had to go a little faster.  That turkey could have out run us and she would have been bear fodder.

Over all it was a great ride on a perfect day with terrific company.

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