For All That Havoc

Life can change in a split second.  Seriously a split second is all it takes.  And it does not have to be some major life altering event, even the small things that effect many other aspects of your day can be enough.  Such was my fate last week.

I have just gotten my ankle to where it does not constantly hurt while I run when at work I am rolling away from the desk, the wheel catches and I go flying backwards.  This was a definite “Oh Shyt!” moment.  Really, these were the words escaping with my breath as I went down like a tree.

At first I felt nothing.  The only evidence of the fall, other than me being on the floor and my hair clip broken, were three toes on my right foot bleeding slightly from hitting the desk.  It wasn’t until about three hours later that I started to ache in my right hip and my head not quite feeling as alert as I like.  A little more time goes by and my back begins to scream at me so I leave work about 15 minutes early since I drive over an hour to the homestead.

About half way home and my vision actually starts becoming slightly blurry.  At this point I’m a little worried.  My head did hit pretty hard and I know for sure there are no phones ringing in my car.

So I get home and decide to go to the doctor the next day.  I stay awake much longer than I would have liked just to make sure there is no complication from a concussion, like not waking up.  That would have sucked.

The next day I was, hmm how to say discretely, also did not visit the doctor even though I probably should have.  That evening my throat caught on fire and by the next morning I sounded like a hundred year smoker.  Sick, dangit!

But to me the worse part of this all is the fact that now that my ankle is healing well, I have to heal a back and hip before hitting the trails again and I’m finally upping my bike mileage.  Coming up is what I call race season as all of my main races occur over the next five months and I do not want to miss them like I had to DNS in March for the first time in four years.

This has definitely been a year of trials and tests to my devotion and self motivation.  But regardless and come what may I am a runner darnit and I will over come!

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