Making the Best of It

There are days when your runs go as planned, days where you feel like you could go forever, days where your legs are sticks made of lead, and days where no matter what you do it ends before it begins.  That’s the life of a runner whether going for fun or training for that special upcoming race.  And as runners we will and deal with the running gods, promise to take a rest day, or tell ourselves whatever is required so that we can keep our legs moving.  It’s the life and we love it.

So when that scheduled long run is just meant to not happen we on the fly find a way to make the best of it.  Such happened to me yesterday.  Sunday long run, 9 miles on the schedule.  Not the first 9 miler on this training log for the upcoming half in March but the first run in a while that evidently was just not meant to happen.

First sign came .10 miles into my run.  My winter running pants kept falling down.  Odd I know.  I tried tucking in my shirt but still no go.  Luckily I have a little (very little but still) junk in the trunk and the pants managed to not fall beyond that point.  Glad I wore a long shirt.  I was just very self conscious from that point on and a cool breeze there was strange.  Strike one.

So much so perhaps that around the 1 mile marker the ankle I rolled on my Thanksgiving group run began to hurt.  I must have been gliding in a not so efficient manner.  I decided to give it another 1/4 but that just made it worse.  Strike two.

I walked for .75 miles and tried again.  Only this time I sped things up and decided to turn this into a speed workout.  I pushed for 1/2 mile.  Ankle never even squeaked.  Walked another 1/4 then repeated the half.  I thought I had found my way.  At this point my tummy started in on the fun.  I changed the 1/2 mile runs to 1/4 mile runs.  Made it through them all but the last one.  The stomach rebelled.  Strike three.

But that was it.  I was done.  I did manage to make a failed 9 mile long run into a 4.50 mile speed workout.  Like I said, thus is the life of a runner and we always find a way to make the best of it.

First Running Streak Stats (Runner’s World Holiday Streak)

  • Day 1: 4 Miles
  • Day 2: 1 Mile
  • Day 3: 1 Mile
  • Day 4: 4.50 Miles
  • Day 5: 3 Miles