Rock N Roll RR

Chapter 58

So I’m just going to spit it out there, this was horrible! I’m so disappointed. But let me start with the fun part, the expo.

The doors opened at noon. I was there by 11:30AM standing in line with many others just waiting to get in. There was a band in the lobby rocking us out while we waited. Once inside, I went straight to the Brooks section. I was second in line for the gait analysis. This was pretty cool. I was actually able to see when I land my ankle bends in an unreal looking fashion to the inside. Funny how my shoes wear quickly on the outside. The nice lady who worked with me gave me two recommendations based on the video, the adrenaline or the trance in a wide (which they did not have on hand).

Once I left there I headed over to where Ryan Hall was being interviewed by the Penquin, John Bingham. John’s a great public speaker and actually understood my southern tongue.

Once the interview was over, I headed to a booth and had Ryan sign my bib and got a picture with him.

I love expos. They are so full of excitement. I also ran into Jim Ryun and he was kind enough to pose for a picture. I was on a roll…..

Then after some great shopping purchases, I headed home to put up my feet and begin my pleading with my knee to behave on race day. Man does it need a massive time-out!

Anyway, the race started off great. I had decided to stick with the 5:1 ratio to keep my knee happy. Five miles in I was still feeling great hitting 9:30s for the five minute runs. No hard breathing, didn’t feel like I was struggling, I was very hopeful for a great PR. Then I hit 5.50 and it was like some switch flipped without warning. My knee just began yelling at me. I slowed to a 10:30, then an 11, 11:30, 12, you can see where this is going…….. I ended up around mile 7 running for 11 minutes at a time and ditching the ratio since it seemed that everytime I took the walk break and began running again it made my knee worse.

Luckily I had the IT band strap on. I could actually feel my tendon tighten and the ball in this band pressing on it. Then about 15 seconds later, it would release and I’d be semi okay again. I struggled so hard trying to continue some sort of run segments, trying to keep my legs relaxed and to just finish that I used all of my energy and was exhausted when I crossed the line. So much so one of the volunteers ran up to me to give me a water bottle before I walked past her. I must have looked awful. It was probably just my PO’d at myself look, LOL!

Anyway, I did finish. I was not going to quit. I did my best to run in the center of the road and stay away from the sides, but I think it was still took much for my knee to handle. I can go double digit on the treadmil and the trail by my house, but stick me on an actual road that slants and kapow, kaplouie….. 2:42

I still got my bling and am able to walk today so i’m not actually beating myself up. I’m just really upset since it was going so well the first five I just knew it was my day and the injury was over.

Originally posted on The Loop September 6, 2011

Dang I’m Actually Nervous

Chapter 57

I have never been this nervous pre race before. I know it has to do with the fact that I feel unprepared after not being able to follow my half training plan due to my knee the past couple of months and the longest run has been the 10.50 on the treadmill. I guess the thought that my knee could start acting up and then prevent me from running my first full in January scares the crap out of me!

Okay, breathe woman!!!! Anyway, I have my last run of the week tonight. A quick easy two miler just to keep things loose.

Please keep me and my knee in your thoughts Sunday and send some me painfree wishes while I’m at the RnR.

Originally posted on The Loop September 1, 2011