Taper Friggin Crazy

Chapter 109

So we login to the Loop and read all about runner’s experiences to hopefully gain insight into our own path of enlightenment that we have all chosen. We talk about training, we give race reports and sometimes a few blogs about ‘how absolutely friggin crazy you feel during a taper!’

We all sit down and read these posts when we come across them, give encouragement, let them know we believe in them and the big day is almost here but you really really really cannot understand until you experience it yourself. I so feel for everyone now whom I have told that they are great, their training has gone well and they are definitely ready. Now I know all you are actually thinking about is, I want to run today…. CRAP it’s not on my schedule, I’m cutting back. How about a quick ride, CRAP another rest day??? Really?

So how do I handle all these nerves usually? I RUN!!! How am I actually handling it in taperville?

That’s right. I’m so hungry I am eating anything and everything whether I like it or not. Or at least I think I’m hungry. I sure do feel hungry. And what a horrible time of year to go through taperville! There is always something nutritious laying around to grab. So not the case…..

And where did all of these aches and pains come from? I mean I’m doing nothing comparitively and yet I hurt more? Logic please???? Man my brain is in overdrive and what do I want to do? RUN

CRAP… it’s not on the schedule.

Originally posted on The Loop December 27, 2011

Experience Plays a Role

As my first marathon adventure comes to an end,again, it has gotten me thinking that I may be ready to tackle number two.  At the Surf n Santa Expo I approached the OBX Sporting Series booth and grabbed a few of their race course maps, including the Triathlon.  I also spoke with one of the representatives and asked questions about each event.

My very first race ever was at the Outer Banks;  no medals, no flash, just a small running community.  There was an after party (and an after after party on the beach) and I had a blast running the reserve trail which hooked me into racing from that finish line on.  But I haven’t been back since sticking to the VB races which I thoroughly love but feel it is about time I return.

So why not make my come back a mission.  I am even thinking of attending two OBX races in 2014.  The Flying Pirate half in May which I have heard nothing but good things about for a couple of years and then the full in November.

Now that I have trained for and completed a marathon (sorry no spoilers as the end is coming) I feel better equipped to handle it more successfully.  Hopefully without all the drama.  Again, sorry no spoilers.

I will still be going at it alone but it is not an unknown path where decisions made were based on erratic emotions but on experience.  Who knows, I may add a third expedition in 2014 by doing the Sprint in September.  You never know.  I may push down the nerves and jump in the pool any day now.

Finally Taking the Plunge

Chapter 3

Well, I’ve gone and done it now. I just registered for my first marathon. Now there is no backing out. I’ve paid the money, which around here is in short supply, so I’m all in.

I’ve chosen the Disney World Marathon 2012 for my first. Who knows it may be my only, but that decision has yet to be decided.

I hope I can find a way to have at least one other family member tag along. I’d really hate to go alone. This is something I definitely want to brag about, …uhh share with someone. Plus I’ll probably be a mess and will require some assistance. But either alone or with tow, I’m going.

I’m still suffering from a severe URI, bronchitis and sinus infection so I’ll spend the next couple of days getting well and getting my training plan together. The real challenge may actually be the nutition aspect, but this will be one full experience and I’m embracing it completely.

Originally posted on The Loop March 22, 2011

The 8K Setback

Chapter 2:

Yesterday was the day I have been training hard for since January, the Shamrock 8K. This has been a hard winter. Between constant shin splints so bad that I could not stand to a persistent upper respiratory infection with bronchiitis it has been one thing after another. Plus on top of the physical, I am a mother of two, work around 50/60 hours per week for which I travel an hour plus each way, wife, home owner, and dog owner.

Squeezing in the time to run actually makes all of the listed above much easier to handle with a smile. I love to run. It gives me such a sense of ease when the stress just keeps coming non stop.

Anyway, two days ago the sinus and chest congestion kicked into overdrive. I was wishing with everything I had that it would just wait until Sunday, but no. I wake at 4:30am unable to take a deep breath, coughing constantly and thinking maybe I should carry a big box of tissues during the race. I however was still determined to meet my 45 minute set goal.

The race started and I felt great-ish. Hit the mile two marker and was right on track around 9:40 min/mile. Then we made the turn.

The wind beat us up for the next 2.50 miles. Even though it felt to me like I was pushing the 9:40 still, I must have actually slowed to an 11 plus. I finished with a disappointing 51:23.

However, looking at the results I did finish 1413th in a crowd of 7200 plus. So evidently the wind played on more runners than just this sick one. Even though I did not meet my trained hard for PR, I did manage to run the whole race, in the wind, sick as a dog and finished smiling (kind of). So if I can do that, I can definitely push a little harder when I can breathe.

Originally posted on The Loop March 20, 2011