Think I Dreamed This Run

Chapter 69

Last night, even being extremely tired, I made it through my scheduled run. Tuesday night, my aunt called saying she was taking my mom to the ER for a possible stroke. So around 10:30PM I got dressed and went out there to sit with them. She was having trouble seeing and could not speak correctly. Luckily the tests they ran reported doubtful stroke, which was good news.

I returned home Wednesday morning in time to login for work. The good news is I have the best boss in the world and he had no trouble with me working from home yesterday. There was no way I would have been able to drive 1 1/2 hours in traffic and not hit someone.

So instead of going to bed and getting some sleep, I worked all day. I logged off about 5:30PM and changed clothes to head to the gym. We had horrible storms last night so running outside was not even a small consideration. I had no idea whether I’d be able to do this run, but I stumbled through it. I’m guessing all of the different forms of caffeine I pumped into my system to stay awake yesterday kept me going, and thusly up all night. Here was my breakdown:

5 min walk

10 min @ 6.2

10 min @ 6.3

10 min @ 6.4

10 min @ 6.5

5 min @ 5.7 with increasing incline up to 5.0 each minute

5 min walk

Unfortunately I’m doubly exhausted today and did make the drive. For those unaware, today is national coffee day. Couldn’t have come on a better personal day for me.

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Dang I’m Actually Nervous

Chapter 57

I have never been this nervous pre race before. I know it has to do with the fact that I feel unprepared after not being able to follow my half training plan due to my knee the past couple of months and the longest run has been the 10.50 on the treadmill. I guess the thought that my knee could start acting up and then prevent me from running my first full in January scares the crap out of me!

Okay, breathe woman!!!! Anyway, I have my last run of the week tonight. A quick easy two miler just to keep things loose.

Please keep me and my knee in your thoughts Sunday and send some me painfree wishes while I’m at the RnR.

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Preppn for the Half

Chapter 56

I’ve got to say, the closer the RnR gets the more nervous I become. I normally do not shake in my tennis at the thought of a race, but due to my knee this one scares me slightly. I really really wanted to come in around 2:15, but since I have to run/walk, it just isn’t going to happen.

I also do not want to push too hard that I have to sit out for an extended period with my first full coming in Janaury. I’d love to stay vertical when I finish ­čÖé

I was able to finish 10.25 miles on the treadmill on Sunday. This was after five hours of spring cleaning my kitchen. I had no choice but to do it even though I was extremely tired. I hadn’t done a double digit in almost two months. So I wrapped my thigh then strapped on the IT Band band and headed out.

I was fairly exhausted during but felt good after, albeit my knee was killing me until this morning. Yesterday walking was rough. Here is how I broke it down:

5.40 miles = 1 hour @ 5:1 with 6.0 pace

30 minutes @ 3:1 with 5.9 pace

23 minutes @ 1:1 with 6.2 pace

7 minutes @ 2.0 – could not do any faster. Oh I was about in tears from the pain. It did subside slightly but walking was harder than the run.

When I got home I had planned on icing everything down, but decided to attempt a first – an ice bath. WHOLLY FREEZING ICE CUBES!!!!! I managed to stick it out for 10 minutes while my youngest DD read to me so I was proud of myself. It did absolutely help my shins, ankles, and knees. The only thing left were my calf muscles. They continued to scream so DH half arsed rubbed them but even that little bit helped.

I took Monday for a rest day as even standing was an issue. Not only were my calf muscles still stiff, my knee was just over the top.

Yesterday I did an hour of spin. Love da’ spin! I was going to go to another spin class tonight but think I may have to skip. I must have eaten a bad cottage cheese cup this morning. Someone needs to pop the balloon in my belly so it will stop expanding! And since I am currently over an hour from home in the office, I’m fighting not to start getting sick. ┬áThe forced rest is probably exactly what I need anyway.

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Short n’ Sweet

Chapter 47

So the whole ‘baby the knee’ thing is really hard. I did three spin classes this week and will probably keep that up. I definitely enjoy them and evidently my body has no objections.

I’m really beginning to worry about this marathon. I know I have five months, but I was hoping to be much further than I am and I feel like I have been thrown back to square one. My weekly base has sunk to less than 10. Dang that is depressing! I want so much to PR in the RnR September.

So I thought I would try to do several smaller runs averaging only around two miles each. Maybe before work, at lunch, again at night. This is my ‘plan’. We’ll see how well I carry this one out with my schedule.

Anyway, I did head out at lunch today. It was about 86 degrees. I have plans to go over to my dad’s house to hang out with one of my close friends, who just happens to be my step mommy, chat by a fire (she is a fire bug!) and drink vino after work. This was a big push for a lunch run.

So I just did it. Felt a little hotter than 86 and the head wind was strong as usual for the hateful trail. But I kept up my pace, whatever it may have been as I did not want my watch. Starting mile two I walked for one minute then finished up the loop.

Total = 1.75 and the best part of all was my knee did not whine one time. It still feels pretty good even though I can feel it. So maybe this will be the best course of action for me right now to try to build my base back up to 30.

I’m not sure how I should handle scheduled long runs as I must admit, I’m a little scared to try and aggravate my knee more. The elliptical did not work. Maybe if I take a 30 sec walk break after each mile that would help. I’ll definitely do something until my running mojo comes back.

Originally posted on July 15, 2011

Filling up the Weekend

Chapter 46

I waited to add this until today and just lump it all into one. It was a non productive weekend.

Friday: No workout = Harry Potter!!!

Saturday: Went to Y and did one mile on the TM. Walked first two minutes, ran three minutes at 6.0 then each minute up’d it by one at an 1.0 incline. So finished around 6.8 or 8:50. Felt good but felt knee. Then did some upper body weights and 60 minutes of spin.

Sunday: Wanted to attempt four miles with a run/walk method. Met ‘S’ at trail around 6:30am. she began with me but I told her to go ahead after .75 since I was going to take a walk break. So we started right along and when we reached .75 only six minutes had passed. WOW! We were talking and I was not paying attention to my pace. I truly believe I started out too fast. But kept going.

Walked next .25 then started again, slightly slower. Knee started aching a little so thought i’d change it to run 1/4 walk 1/4. Did this for mile two. Turned around to go back at this point. This is where it went downhill. My knee started hurting so badly I could only run 30 seconds at a time and only attempted it three times on the way back. So basically walked two miles back to starting point.

It gave me grief all day yesterday. I iced, stretched, rolled, elevated…. If I walk fast today it screams. I’m really getting concered about not being able to make even the smallest gain in distance since I have the RnR coming Labor Day weekend. I really wanted to PR and I know if my knee would behave I would.

Today I brought a change of clothes but will just take it easy and do nothing. I have spin the next couple of days.

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Semi Good News on the Horizon

Chapter 45

So it has been a few days since I’ve added to my blog and much has happened. I’ll just give a short daily update:

Monday: Took day off since did the two speedy (for me) miles and knee not much caring for it on Sunday.

Tuesday: Ran one mile on treadmill to see how things were going at 9:30 pace. Could not breathe to save my life, but knee felt okay. Killer spin class after at GB.

Wednesday: Weights followed by another kicking arse spin class.

Thursday: Got up at 5AM today and logged two miles in my neighborhood. I left my watch on the dresser. I wanted to concentrate more on my breathing, which was so labored on Tuesday, and how my knee was feeling. Went pretty well. Only a minor twinge after which I also felt when I slowed down slightly during.

So all in all, I think the stretching and my new blue foam boyfriend are my saving grace. It felt so good to be out there this morning, not worried about times or calculating distance (neighborhood is measured out very well). I’ve been all smiles since.

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Two in the Morn

Chapter 44

I am so happy I can in no way be disappointed in the limited number of miles I ran this morning. I thought yesterday that maybe I’d get in four miles today, which would otherwise be my long day. I arrived at the trail and walked around a little then decided, maybe I’ll set three in my mind and see how it goes. If all seems well, I’ll do the four.

Needless to day, I only did two, but I could not be happier. Why? Let me explain.

I’ve always been around a 10:00 to 9:30 person. I can usually keep that pace up for a couple of hours. I’ve never been able to really do much faster for even a mile or two. So today’s times just shocked and awed me. I went out and said to myself, “self? just let your legs do whatever they want. They will know where they want to be. No pushing!”

Mile one: 8:55 (WHAT? Seriously? – wholly cosmos batman!)

Ran another 100 M and knee started making itself know. At that moment I thought, not going to do it. I’m not going to just keep going for my ego. I’d rather heal than continue. But since I was a mile out, I had to repeat the mile back. So in the same fashion I decided to let my legs do whatever they wanted.

Mile two: 9:27 with a walk break half way. (uhhhhh did I really just do that? is my watch wrong?)

I must note that I was breathing noticably but not too hard. I did not feel like I was ‘working’ but just going with the flow. I could have answered short questions. I never felt like I just had to stop. I went out without a time in mind. Just wanted to run!

So you can see how I would not be at all upset with only getting two miles in. I would love to have done 16, but it will come. And with all of your support over the past few weeks, I am going to make myself take it slow and abide by the great advise given.

I came home and rolled and stretched. I do however believe I may need to give credit for this speedy (at least to me) miles to the spin classes. They must definitely be building up my leg muscles. Who’d thunk it?

I may hit the gym in a few hours and hop on the elliptical and see how that goes just so I can get a substantial amount of time under my belt.

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What a Pain?

Chapter 7

Today was my grandfathers funeral. So to start the day, my stepmother and I decided to get up early and hit the gym. We arrived at 5:30 AM hoping to attend a cycling class. Unfortunately the early classes had been canceled so we jumped into a cardio circuit class; 30 minutes of step followed by weights and abs.

During the last five minutes of step I must have landed on my foot wrong because an instant pain shot through my right calf. Luckily this was the end of our jumping around section and stationary wasn’t so bad. I went home, ate, showered and couldn’t believe it but slept for 2 1/2 hours on the couch.

Once I finally dragged my butt off of the nice, warm, soft couch we met the family at the funeral home. After the grave side service, we all went to a pizza place for a late lunch. I ate and ate and ate, little more than half the Stromboli (oh so bad for me I know). Now for anyone who has not seen a stromboli it is basically a full pizza stuffed and folded in half.  I get mine with onions, pepperoni and mushrooms.  YUMMMMM!

While paying our bills, stepmother and I decided we needed some more cardio to work off all those unwanted but desired calories we just ingested. I was a little hestitant in agreeing to this due to my leg but knew I needed it badly.  So we met at 6 PM, bellies still feeling full and participated in the kickboxing class.

Let’s just say if it wasn’t for being able to do lots of punches, I would not have gotten much from the class. Five minutes in my calf started screaming at me. Walking in place became difficult but my stubborn self kept with the class at a feet close to the floor pace.

Now unfortunately walking is slightly painful and I suppose I’ll force myself to take a couple of days off. Maybe I’ll talk myself into some pool running. I cannot see a small injury stopping my training since I’m working toward a marathon. Like I said, ‘stubborn I am…’

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Counting Through the Heat

Chapter 6

I am definitely a numbers girl. It is really hard for me not to check my watch, pick a time I want to finish each mile as well as completed time. Today was a scheduled training run so I just had to keep with my numeric compulsion. No reason not to, right? Right!

2:30 PM rolled around and I decided I was going to step away from the computer for an actual lunch break. Well not so much ‘lunch’ as I consumed nothing but water. Food for my feet instead if you will. The clear skies and bright sun┬áhad been┬ámocking me all morning. It’s rare when I get to do a lunch run outside during the work week so I took full advantage of today.

It went pretty well considering. I was going to put in five miles, but after the first mile at 9:18 I was as slick as a wet peeled cucumber. With another abrupt temperature change thrown my way like in Florida I decided quiting at two miles this time was not an option. I put in a nice 3 1/2 miles within 35 minutes. This was with four walk breaks lasting at least one minute each. The trail was an 80 degrees very windy run, but I love soaking in the sun shine while not laying prone on a blanket in a plastic chair.

Now I must flip my screen back on to work and finish up before we leave for the memorial service. At least if things get to hard tonight, I can think back to some good numbers I put up today.

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The Need to Just Be

Chapter 5

I received a call yesterday from my mom giving her condolenses for my grandfather. I had yet to hear anything so it was kind of bitter sweet to hear about his passing in this manner. This was not an abrupt loss as he had been fighting differing conditions for some time, but the sting was no less painful just the same. I happened to be working from home at that time since returning the day before from the Florida trip. So sitting at home, alone and trying to concentrate staring into a 12″ screen was slightly difficult. I decided I had to get out.

It was 45 degrees outside and very over cast. The threat of rain loomed all around me. I did not care. The rain beating on me would have just made the run all that much more numbing. I changed appropriately, strapped on my Fuel Belt with fluids, gel pack and Ipod in tow and headed out to a nearby trail. I had already told myself I was going to run it from end to end twice, which is exactly what I did.

Around mile 8 I almost needed a flashlight as it became so dark. Even with my feet and legs screaming at me, I was able to pick up my speed by a full minute for a mile and a half repeating to myself “do you really want to get wet this close to the end?”. At that point my mind caught up with my body and the slow down was inevitable. The large drops I was feeling just minutes ago had stopped and the black threatening cloud had moved slightly off to the side.

When I finally passed the last post marking the end of my journey, my head was clearer, my chest felt lighter and I could breathe again. I was now able to think of all the good memories I had of my grandfather. He was always such the comic being as he was a traveling saleman. So our group family dinners always contained many of the jokes he would share with his customers. Now this was almost 40 years of me hearing different jokes. Think about it, that is a lot of jokes. The fact that he left us on April Fool’s day just seemed appropriate. This thought brought a warm smile to my heart.

However much I may be hobbling around today, that 11 mile run was not only good for my training, but medicine for my soul.

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