This Week I’m A Spinning Beast

Chapter 103

1:15 minutes tonight. Three nights in a row. Unfortunately due to traffic I could only get there 30 minutes early. I can spin pain free. I was going to do two miles on the treadmill before class, but walking into the gym my achilles was whispering to me. I read so many articles and posts about achilles issues today my mind is spinning also.

I did the pinch test and I feel no pain anywhere, so I’m going to take that as a good sign. Stopping as soon as it starts has probably been the best decision I’ve made in a while. I would usually just keep right on going, that runner’s denial thing.

Luckily this is a cut back week so only an 8 miler for the weekend. Hopefully I can nip this thing in the bud before it blows up more. If I can just get through March, I promise legs I’ll slow down. I want a PR for the Shamrock.

Originally posted on The Loop December 15, 2011

Spinning to the Tune of a Sore Tush

Chapter 101

I arrived last night at the YMCA to discover they replaced all the spin bikes with new ones. That was nice as the others had long pass seen their glory days. However, this meant the new ones were a little stiff (which isn’t too bad for me right now) and the seats hard as rocks.

Seeing as I could not complete my run this past weekend or Monday night, I arrived to class an hour early, did a 30 minute steady climb increasing every five minutes then rolling hills until class started. So I got in a 1:45 hour ride. I was able to walk after so all was well and my legs felt stronger for it.

I have a 60 min run tonight and I’m putting the last two out of my head so I do not sike myself out. “21 days, 21 days, 21 days”. It’s been tough, but I’ve done well handling the obstacles that have been presented to me.  So two failed runs the month before my big race should not destroy four months of work, right? RIGHT!

Originally posted on The Loop December 14, 2011

To Tri or not to Tri

Chapter 89

Last Saturday was awesome. Running buddy and I trekked up to the Y for spin class. During class the woman on the bike beside me had the clip in shoes. So I began asking her questions about them. She told us about another bike shop on the way home so we decided to stop and check it out. She mentioned that they also have a group ride for several levels. This peaked our interest a lot.

So we find the shop and it is very very small. Especially compared to the first one we stopped in at a couple of weeks ago. Everyone was dressed in the same riding shirt. Seems they just came back from a 21 mile ride. Many of these folks we have seen at the Y and they were all very friendly. The gentleman who helped me with my shoes was great.

At the other store RB and I felt kind of out of place. They seemed a little bit on the snudey side. But this guy gave off ‘ask me anything’ vibes. So I did. We talked about my upcoming marathon and how he and his wife may do Disney in Feb. I told him I was playing around with the idea of doing my first Tri next year. He proceeded to tell me that there is a beginners Tri club at the Y and classes start in January that he teaches. They train to do a sprint in April. This would be perfect!

Since this also does not start until after my marathon, I can fully concentrate on Disney then I’ll immediately have another goal in mind to start a couple of weeks later. No marathon depression.  Since I’m not a swimmer, at all…………… that kind of scares me and I’ll probably feel out of place. But too be sure if it is a beginners tri club they assist with swimming techniques also???

Needless to say, I bought a pair of clip in shoes that will go from spin class to road instead of buying two pairs like the other guy said I’d have to do. I try them out tonight for the first time. I’m actually excited about that. How lame am I?

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The Wickedly Good Count Down

Chapter 84

So the Wicked 10K is this Saturday. I love this race. It is just 6 miles of fun. I was going to dress up like Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) this year. Found a red dress, a knights sword, but couldn’t quite get a glove that would have worked. So what did I decide on?

I showed up at home with a bag from Halloween Express containing a lime green tutu and green striped socks and paired it with my hot pink running shirt and youngest DD’s colorful bows. My youngest daughter asked me what I was going to be, I told her ‘bright’.  Well she thought it was cute.

That does put a twist in my training plans for this weekend however. After the 10K on Saturday, I have 16 on the schedule for Sunday. Hmmmmm, we’ll see how that goes. After work tonight I have spin. Looking forward to it as Monday rest days always make my restless.

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A Double Gripping Morning

Chapter 81

I just did not hear the alarm go off this morning. Usually I wake up a couple of minutes before it chimes its music, but not this morning. So I walked into our building at 7:45 with a coffee mug in each hand. Why? Hubby made coffee for me so there is 1, then I decided to stop at 7-11 and get a bisquit and could not resist getting a pumpkin.

Last night after work I attended the second of three spin classes I take per week. I swear we saw Zeus. The whole class was an uphill climb. We never experienced the ‘rolling’ hills. So I can now say I’ve climbed Mt Olympus on my stationary charriot of fire.

But dumb me finally arrived home around 8ish, showered, ate and instead of going to bed plopped on the couch to watch a dvr’d horror flick followed by Grey’s. I love my DVR! I barely remember getting into bed and evidently was not there long enough.

I have two choices for today’s run. Either an interval or 45 min tempo. Guess I’ll decide as 5pm comes closer.

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Oh How I Missed This

Chapter 79

Last Tuesday was the last spin class I attended. Thursday I worked from home and was unable to drive up to VA.  Then Saturday I had to take the dog to the vet. So last night I went to the gym on the way home, hit the weight circuit then strutted happily into the spin room. And man did he have one kick butt routine for us. Even he mentioned afterwards that he was exhausted. Sooooo worth it. I slept like a baby!

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Today’s Fail Was Probably My Fault

Chapter 78

I did end up taking Friday’s rest day ernestly. I fought the urge and sat on my rear end. So Saturday morning I was raring to go. Unfortunately we had to take the dog to the vet early so I was unable to drive into VA for an awesome spin class. But I still went to the Y in town but skipped that spin class. It just isn’t the same…….

I probably did a lil bit too much. I started out running one mile to warm up. Took it around 8:50. Then proceeded to do 130 box jumps. Front and straddled. I didn’t stop there. Did 100 squats, lounges then moved on to the upper body.

So today was my cut back week and I only had 9 on the line. I figured it shouldn’t be any issue. It was 45 degrees, perfect! I drove to the trail, set my watch to keep me around a 10 MM and took off. It felt really really good. Around mile 4.50 my knee started to hurt. I had my strap on and did not feel the usual pressure on it. I told myself I probably pushed a little much yesterday and everything is sore. I figured since I did 13 last weekend with a slight pain the whole time, I’d be able to make it to 9. Boy did this pain go from 0 to 60 in less than a minute. I had to stop. It got that bad. I walked for the next half mile, everything eased off so I decided to start off again. Did good for all about 60 seconds. I walked the rest of the way back to my car.

I probably need to move my heavy leg day to something other than the day before my long runs. Duh huh……

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Spin Spin Sugar

Chapter 41

That title may be lost on a few as I believe the group only had the one CD, but it fits nicely 🙂

Attended another spin class last night after work with running buddy. I am definitely not hating on the local town’s YMCA instructors, but this one just was not the same. The GB location did such a great job. We did not take five minute recovery breaks. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure we actually did any ‘recovery’ unless considered as active recovery. It was great! And yes, arrived early and got in my 90 minutes.

My abs were screaming at me the whole time, but pfeff. Those whimpy muscles will continue to be abused now that I am fully aware that they’ve been neglected.

Tonight I think i’m actually going to try to do 3 miles on the treadmil. My knee is still kinda ify, but I will never know unless I just do it. I would be scheduled for 16 miles this weekend, but not so sure that will get done.

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