Mother Daughter Trade Off Day

I rarely take days off work even though I have plenty of time.  Why you might ask?  Well, my job is just fun.  I love a good puzzle and my job is nothing but a constant revolving set of puzzles.  Odd but yes, I love to work.

But this summer I decided to purchase season passes to Water County / Busch Gardens for my youngest daughter and myself.  This would force me to take some time off this summer and do some fun things outside the puzzle world.  So we planned to take Wednesday and make the long trip and spend the day speeding through the water.

Unfortunately my daughter developed a stomach issue the night prior to departure and did not feel like it would be a good idea to keep our travel plans.  Minus 1.  So I decided to take her shopping for some new school shoes.  It would still be a day together.

We get ready, hop in the car and leave after breakfast.  First stop, the bank.  I walk up the ATM, do what I gotta do, then get back in the car.  As soon as I sit back I feel like a knife is stabbing me.  We jump loudly out of the car and jump around like monkeys.  We see this very large bee fly away.  Ohhhh great!  I’ve been stung.  Minus 2.  I bend over to grab my card and money which flew out of my lap and then my bracelet brakes.  Minus 3.  Ok, not gonna be my day.

Bee Sting

She looks area over for me while I cringe in pain to find a stinger.  To describe what I was feeling would be to tell you to imagine a large set of tweezers digging into your skin, pinching you and twisting.  It then began to shoot up and inward.  We sit still for a little while so I can decide if I will let this ruin our whole day or if I can keep it together until we get home.  Because I do not take days off, I decided I was not dizzy, could still breathe and should be okay, so we left and went shopping.

There was no traffic on our route, which was very odd.  There is never any ‘no traffic’. Plus 1.  So we arrived at the mall in good time.  I go into a changing room to try on a top and my dress strap decides it will add to my lucky day and breaks.  Minus 4.  Luckily the top of the dress is tight so the missing strap just made the dress look like it was supposed to be strapless.  Plus .5.

We go to the second mall to get some strange 3DS game, pull up to the normal parking spot and notice they have closed down that doorway.  Minus 5.  Sigh, we have to drive around and go into one of the department stores a ways down.  It just keeps getting better.

We decide to grab some lunch at the food court, walk right up with no line, get our food, sit down and a line forms with tons of folks.  We got lucky.  Plus 2.  We make a bathroom stop, no line, we walk out of the stall and there are literally 10 people now waiting.  Plus 3.

So all in all we had a good day since we spent it together.  3.5-5 was the ending score, but I guess the trade off to not having to wait in any lines all day with the bee sting, broken bracelet and broken dress still was an okay trade off for a mother daughter day out.  Now the remaining days after with the itch that follows is another story.  What if karma is nudging me to never take another day off again …  Pfft, Water Country take two next Wednesday.

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