Eye VS the Dependent Ones

“Eye Twitch Chronicles”

You would think that after almost 40 years on this earth that not too many things would continue to leave me scratching at the walls of my safe house.  This group of people I have labeled “The Dependent Ones” just continues through the decades to set my fight or flight instincts into overdrive.

Who knows exactly how to handle these special people.  They want so much to run everything, to be the boss, the one that makes the decisions and has all the power, but that stands firm only so long as their feet stay dry with the all weather boots they are sporting around their house.  Don’t let even the tiniest of rain drops seep through that fabric because they just cannot seem to find where they hid the towels.  For that they will call in the calvary.

So the question then becomes, should the calvary buck the system and send them on a scavenger hunt for the towels they so expertly deny exists, run kicking and screaming into the hills for which we know they are just to lazy to climb or yet again give in and cater to their every whim?

The calvary really is not magical, we just seem to be able to look at a problem from many different sides and come to a conclusion.  This is no special skill that “The Dependent Ones” can not possess themselves.  They just refuse to tap into that unused pool of knowledge and turn the knob.

Be careful that you do not get swept inside of their house of mirrors because once you are in and only see You from all angles, you may forget that just around the corner is the calvary that has actually allowed you to stay safe inside of those boots.  And as you rest your head each night in the pillow of denial the calvary is fighting your battles and becoming extremely frustrated that common sense is becoming a rare trait.  This may one day at any sunrise cause them to turn and fire in your direction.

How should you really protect yourself?  Reject your membership and become dependent upon yourself.  Take small steps by first removing those water proof boots.  Dip your toes into the pool and then if you find yourself scratching the walls to get back inside, make the phone call.

The calvary actually enjoys assisting all groups, it is what we do.  However, if the group doesn’t at least try to individually assist, the wolf will become a reality because the line will be busy and the cry will not be heard.

Who needs a hit of adrenaline when you can walk down the street, through the halls or tune into any media and find “The Dependent Ones” closing in from all sides.  Zombie apocalypse beware, “The Dependent Ones” are already among us and the infection is rampant.

Eye Twitch source:  those too lazy to troubleshoot an issue they are fully capable of fixing but instead immediately escalate to the next tier and beyond

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