My First Yoga Challenge

I went into the 30 Day Challenge with Erin Motz with one thought; that it would help me improve my running by increasing my flexibility, ability to relax and reduce my stress level.  However, I found much more than expected.

Most of the routines included the downward facing dog position. I found this to become easier and easier to hold after a few weeks of the challenge.  In week three I decided to begin expanding my cross training to include weights again and hit the pull-up bar.  What I found instead of starting from scratch yet again I could actually do 6 with limited assistance.  Usually every time I start over I’m double footing it on a chair and doing more leg work than back and shoulders.

I also discovered that I did not have to begin push-ups on my knees.  I guess all of the sun salutations with a chaturanga actually built muscle.  I honestly did not expect this.  I guess in hindsight it should not have been a surprise.  You just generally do not think ‘muscle’ and ‘yoga’ together.  Man was I pleasantly proven wrong.

I believe a lot of people think taking a yoga class to be a waste of a good hour that they could otherwise be hitting cardio but let me be (probably not the ..) first one to tell you, I sweat buckets.  Even during the shorter 30 minutes sessions I squeeze in before work.

My advice for all the disbelievers?  Take a challenge like this one.  It was only 10-15 minutes per day and shows you in shorter spurts that yoga is the real deal and makes an excellent complementary activity regardless of your end goal.

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