The Eye Twitch Chronicles: Introduction

There are many outlet mediums to help us deal with all sorts of issues.  Some healthy, some not so much.  Some are personal/private and then others are put out for the world to share right along side the bearer.  The Eye Twitch Chronicles is my form of treatment for the hand of daily stressors that life just keeps dealing.

Some hands are good, some require a few do overs and some no matter how many hits life gives you, you never seem to get close enough to hit a 21 to lay it all down in style.  But the table keeps rotating and therefore we must all find a way to hang on and hope the ball drops on our number.

My number seems to have a magnetic effect as of late.  Not meaning it draws luck toward me but instead repels as we know two likes repel each other in opposite directions.  I never even noticed exactly how much stress was weighing down my backpack until this past November.  But the inability to open your mouth because your jaw is so stiff and sore kind of makes you review the latest hiking trip and the gear you have equipped for your trip.

I knew something was up before Thanksgiving when my right eye started twitching daily, thus the name of this series.  But a few days later I passed it off as annoying.  A couple weeks go by and yes it is a pain in the caboose but I still fly by it with my high beams on.  Three weeks of daily eye Zumba starts to finally worry me, especially when I woke up knowing I was grinding my teeth like the ‘jaws of life’ were no match.  Then two days ago I finally rolled out of bed unable to open my mouth except to mumble.  Ok, time to do something about this.

You would think as much as I run, bike and exercise that the stress levels would not be much of a challenge, so it must be the age old saying; the older you get the more cynical you become.  Or is it the less patience you have to give.  Either way the little things that never seemed to bother me before have become monsters under the bed.  They are slightly scary to acknowledge as existing even though I know they are irrational and really unfounded unconscious thoughts that bump in the night.  But they still seem to affect my daily routines and inability stop this darn eye twitch.

Within this series I will share my monsters as most are “One eye’d one horned flying purple people eaters”.  Actually the laughs that ensue after most confrontations with them should melt them right back into the shadows but those laughs are always followed by head shakes and eye rolls.  Like I said; cynical with age.

I have welcomed a growing yoga lifestyle to help me deal but some stories just beg to be told and thus the ‘Eye Twitch Chronicles’ have been given birth, drug free.  Even though the occasional glass of wine is my sidekick.

Just a heads up for anyone who has followed me and knows me from other media; this may totally take you by surprise.  I am not really a smart mouth.  I always give the benefit of the doubt.  But like I said, some stories are just too golden to not share and most are because they have caused me to over work my eye muscles.

May you tip your glass and smirk knowingly with a slight head nod.

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