Reflections in Running 2013

2013 started out with four months off from running due to an injury in December 2012 followed by physical therapy.  Not the start I wanted by any means.  It also forced my very first race deferment ever, the Shamrock Half Marathon.  This would have been my fourth year in a row doing this race.  Very sad moment for me.

It actually took me until June to ‘fully’ recover from that injury.  That poor ankle just seems to take the punishment over and over again.  I’ve since rolled it a few more times at the trail for which surprisingly it survived.

The hardest part of it all was having to almost start over from scratch.  All the work I had done for the past year to get my 5K times down in the 25 min range was gone.  I was now struggling to hit 30 again.  For anyone who has been there, you completely understand how emotionally draining that is to an age competitive runner.

I did however finish out the year with two PRs and the drive to get back that 5K time and even surpass it by two more minutes.

I learned the importance of varying your running surface by adding those hills that make us work so hard but seem to be the hidden key to increasing pace and help to prevent ankle injuries.

I take away from 2013 the knowledge that even though it felt like I had lost what brought me so much thrill that if the desire still remains as the smallest spark you can return with a vengeance.  It just takes a little patience and a slight kick to the ego to get you where you want to go by knowing you can do it.  You can do anything.

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