Altra Torin My First Run

I had a few firsts ending with my run today.  All of which have a little story that gets me to this point and thus my Altra shoe review.

A couple of years ago, I like so many others, jumped at the chance to try out the barefoot running phenomenon.  I had been running in Asics and Wave Riders, both of which I had several pairs over two years.  But while participating in a popular running online community I purchased my first pair of Kinvaras.  I loved these shoes, still do even though they mean something different now.  I trained many miles with no run being over 6 in length with these pink beauties.  These had become my 5K-10K go to shoe.  Today I use them mainly on the treadmill as they really are quite comfortable but not substantial enough for me to tackle my daily runs outside.

Unfortunately I ended 2012 with two stress fractures in both knees and shins so decided I may need just a little more cushion for my street runs.  I bought a pair of Pure Flow 1 shoes.  These to this day are my favorite.  Unfortunately the mileage has added up and when I went to buy another pair found there are none anywhere.  I tried on the second version and just do not care for them.  The change was too drastic between 1 and 2.

I had seen the Altra commercials many times on TV and those folks earned their money as my interested was peaked and I began to ask around about them.  I searched for a store which sold them and found none within driving distance.  This meant I would have to buy them online.

I had never bought shoes online before.  I am one of those runners who will spend hours in a running store trying out shoes because my arch is high enough that it is difficult to find a good match.  But when I saw the Torin on sale as well as free shipping and more importantly free return I decided to take a chance.

I had read the many reviews prior to making my final decision.  Many users reported being injury prone and the Altra Torin working for them for high distances.  As I am looking to do my second marathon (hopefully uninjured this time around) in 2014 I made up my mind and ordered a pair.

1492690_10201684192844651_272224711_oToday I laced up for a lunch run and was pleasantly surprised.  Walking around the house they did not feel as if they would have the support I need but while hitting the neighborhood streets they felt very adequate.  Even quite comfortable.  Granted this is my first and only run in them.  I have 6 miler this weekend planned with the group so I will definitely know more by then.  But after the first trial I am happy with the chance I took with ordering shoes before trying them myself.

Would I recommend these to others?  Yes.  I am very injury prone as my body cannot absorb calcium like it should, I have high arches, most of my runs are on asphalt and even though I do not have wide feet I am unable to wear regular width shoes.  These fit all of the requirements so far and I look forward to my next run.

3 thoughts on “Altra Torin My First Run

  1. Gotta love the Altras! I’ve been running in the Altra Lone Peaks now for about a month and I LOVE them! My feet feel so free! I also had to order online and it was a good experience they even arrived three days earlier than expected! Enjoy your Torins and Happy running!

  2. I just recently bought a pair of Torin’s myself and took them for a 3 mile run last week. I also have been wearing Asics and Wave Runner. I found the Altra’s very comfortable and can’t wait to try them again however I’ll have to wait a few weeks as I broke my toe; totally unrelated to running…lol!

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