Christmastown Dash 8K 2013 RR/PR

This 12 month in advanced planned race ended up being a two week event with a happy unexpected ending.  Let me explain.

First weekend in December 2012 two of us take off for our first mini racing weekend vacation.  We arrive early in Williamsburg on Friday, hit the outlet malls and meet the rest of the family for dinner. Saturday we all roll down to the Winery for lunch and an awesome wine tasting tour.  Then head out to Colonial Williamsburg for site seeing, tours and dinning.  We never did make the tours as they were all booked up and promised we would sign up early for next years mini vaca.  The race on Sunday topped off a fantastic weekend with after race party at Nascar.  We all looked forward to the same mini vaca this year.

Unfortunately it never happened that way.  Educational finances changed my plans so we were unable to take the trip as well as a few others in our party this year.  So my plan was to drive up Sunday morning just for the race.

We got to bed early Saturday night after eating my normal pre-race dinner of chicken, jasmine rice and cream of mushroom soup.  Around 9PM running buddy texted me alerting that they postponed the race due to the icey weather report.  I had two bags packed for the following morning.  One with a full change of clothes and a second with another set of running attire for anything Mother Nature wanted to throw our way. I was fully prepared for rain, cold and wind.  The ice on the other hand was a little scary.  So the fact that they postponed I still believe was a very wise decision.

Although saddened by the let down, the following weekend’s weather forecast was looking much more promising.  Mid week they began to say it was going to rain and be in the 40s. Okay, I can still deal with that.  However Saturday they began to report the rain may stop by the beginning of the race. Oh yeah, this weekend was looking even better.

So I popped out of bed around 3:45 and started getting ready.  It was 45*.  I decided to change my running outfit and pack to carry the preplanned one.  I would have roasted had I not done so.

On the two hour trip there it sporadically spit and the temperature seemed to drop the closer we got to Busch Gardens.  Luckily I was ready for 50 – 20, no rain – rain.  I stuck with the capri tights, Santa shorts, short sleeve shirt and green arm sleeves.

It was cold!


But I knew without a doubt I would warm up and be sweating buckets one mile in.  So true to running form I froze for 45 minutes so that my run would be more comfortable.  The things we do for our run 🙂

Finally Santa Cow let us loose


Anyway, we were finally off and climbing that immediate steep hill.  No problem.  Half way through the race I remembered last year being much harder…  I had decided earlier in the week with weather stats to just make this a fun run through the park.  I wasn’t going for any PR or even attempting to hit my last year’s 48:48 which I had to work for.

So you can image my surprise when I crossed the finish and Xena said 47:16.  I was floored.  Who knew?  Training on hills for three months really paid off.  I was able to enjoy the run completely and still hit a PR.  Guess what training session I’m NOT removing from my half schedule.  That’s right.  Hills.

As soon as I crossed the line and thanked every volunteer I approached handing out our goodies, we stood in line to take the final pick and head to the car.


Our next stop was Nascar for burgers and fries.  There were no lack of TVs in this joint.


They even had individual TVs at each of the booths.

So even though I ended up a lonely racer going at it alone with hubby in tow as my cheerleader (and stuff holder) it was a great race.  I enjoyed every hill and pebbly step of it.  There were a few slick areas only because the pebbles were smooth and still very wet but much safer than it would have been the previous weekend with ice.  But the park is beautiful this time of year and being able to enjoy it by doing the thing I love just makes it even more so.

So I’ll happily take the PR, the very pretty medal and memories of gorgeous scenery throughout the year as a promise for things to return to next year.

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