On the Twelfth Day

Chapter 108

Current note:  by this time I was full in taperville and the jacket was a little tight

(Sing to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas)

On the twelfth day of taper
Rundisney gave to me

Infinity and beyond,

An apple for some sleep,

Pixie dust for travel,

Mufasa – oooooohhhhh,

A thumping foot of nerves,

A ladder for that tower,

A carpet ride adventure,

Ba-lloons to lift me uuupppPP,

A push in the rabbit hole,

A visit from Sulley,

Honeybees in my feet,

AND fairy butterflies internally.


But what is it that I really need? A fairy godmother to help me cross that line:

I wish I wish upon a star

For healthy knees to take me far

And if they try to fade away

I’ll wish to play another day

Originally posted on The Loop January 4, 2012

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