Experience Plays a Role

As my first marathon adventure comes to an end,again, it has gotten me thinking that I may be ready to tackle number two.  At the Surf n Santa Expo I approached the OBX Sporting Series booth and grabbed a few of their race course maps, including the Triathlon.  I also spoke with one of the representatives and asked questions about each event.

My very first race ever was at the Outer Banks;  no medals, no flash, just a small running community.  There was an after party (and an after after party on the beach) and I had a blast running the reserve trail which hooked me into racing from that finish line on.  But I haven’t been back since sticking to the VB races which I thoroughly love but feel it is about time I return.

So why not make my come back a mission.  I am even thinking of attending two OBX races in 2014.  The Flying Pirate half in May which I have heard nothing but good things about for a couple of years and then the full in November.

Now that I have trained for and completed a marathon (sorry no spoilers as the end is coming) I feel better equipped to handle it more successfully.  Hopefully without all the drama.  Again, sorry no spoilers.

I will still be going at it alone but it is not an unknown path where decisions made were based on erratic emotions but on experience.  Who knows, I may add a third expedition in 2014 by doing the Sprint in September.  You never know.  I may push down the nerves and jump in the pool any day now.

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